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Leaping Match by Hans Christian Andersen Tale

Leaping Match

Among the popular fables and fairy tales, leaping match cannot be ignored. This Hans Christian Andersen tale is one of the classic stories animated beautifully with vivid pictures and comprehensible audio.

There was a tough fight between a flea, a fish and a grasshopper. The three foght about who was superior most among them. One day they decided to compete with each other and planned for a leaping match. The one who jumps the highest wins the match.

They decided to call the world to enjoy the match and witness who wins it. The king heard about this competition and called for setting the match.

The flea, the grasshopper and the fish asked the king about the reward. Of course the winner should be rewarded for his victory. The king announced that he would give his daughter’s hand in marriage the winner. All the three prepared for the competition. Each one of them wanted to marry the princess.

Who won the competition? Who jumped the highest? Watch the story.

The specialty of this animated story is the visual presentation. The animation is just perfect and vivid. Not many animated videos are as clear as this video. Enjoy the Hans Christian Andersen tale story and your time.

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