Kids Poems » The Robin’s Song

Hark ! it is the robin's song
Coming through the flowery trees !
Sweetly does it float along
Hither, on the balmy breeze.

O, that I could understand
Once, the meaning of the words
Warbled forth so quick, to go
To the music of the birds !

If I had him in my hand,
Holding down his glossy wings,
Could I better understand
What it is the robin sings ?

Were his tender downy breast
Pressing, warm, upon my palm,
Could I make it feel at rest ?
Would he then be tame and calm ?

No, upon his native bough
He is happy, light and free :
There, to Heaven he carols now
Praises for his liberty !

Captive, he would only make
Signs of anguish- -sounds of grief,
Till his little heart would break,
Mourning panting for relief.

He who formed the feathered lyre,
Hath the light, unfettered wings
Made to fan the latent fire
Kindled in the hidden strings.

Whilst he holds it high in air,
To his touch it quick replies ;
But if mortal fingers bear
On its chords, the music dies !

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