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Jungle Tales for Children - Kids Book Review

Jungle Tales for Children

Nature, forests, animals, love, sharing, affection help, selflessness, etc. are combined beautifully and toasted as Jungle Tales for Children.

This is one of the best entertaining books for children! Written by a nature lover, a passionate wildlife chronicler, Kenneth Anderson provided life to the Jungle Tales! With more than 60 short stories and 80 books, most of his writing recounts his adventure, exploration and experience in Jungle. This is a beautiful collection of light, warm and entertaining short stories from Anderson, kids will surely love.

The story plots are interestingly dotted! Giving you a few plots.

What would happen, if a baby sloth always land up in trouble just because it is so naughty?

Which is more powerful? Is it the wild panther or a jackal? Jackal smartly overpowered Panther! How?

Brave fight by a hyena that battled with no fear against a pack of wolves!

The stories are narrated with interesting twists and are based on the South Indian jungles. Besides the exciting and entertaining plots, they carry morals and lessons on respect, thoughtfulness, passion, responsibility, etc. for nature. The eternal short stories based on animals and jungles will stay in your mind for a long time.

This book also makes a good collection of bed time stories for children.

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