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Tweak your brain to get some activity. All these riddles need some logical thinking. There is nothing so hard to solve. Workout and have fun!

Eyes and Island

It was a pink Island. There were 201 individuals lived in the island. Among them 100 people were blue eyed people, 100 were green eyed people and the leader was a black eyed one.

Except the leader, nobody knew how many individuals lived in the island. Neither have they known about the color of the eyes. The leader was a very strict person. Those people can never communicate with others. They even cannot make gestures to communicate. They can only talk and communicate with the leader. It was a prison for those 200 individuals.

However, the leader provided an opportunity to leave the island forever but on one condition. Every morning he questions the individuals about the color of the eyes! If any of the individuals say the right color, he would be released. Since they were unaware about the color of the eyes, all 200 individuals remained silent. When they say wrong color, they were eaten alive to death. Afraid of punishment, they remained silent.

One day, the leader announced that ‘at least 1 of you has green eyes! If you say you are the one, come and say, I will let you go if you are correct! But only one of you can come and tell me!’

How many green eyed individuals leave the island and in how many days.

It is a very simple and logical question! Try and answer it quick!


All 100 green eyed individuals will leave in 100 days.

Consider, there is only one green eyed individual lived in the island. He will look at all the remaining individuals who have blue eyes. So, he can get assured that he has green eyes! If there were more than one green eyed people, when the first man looks at the second one with green eyes, the person didn’t leave on day the first day. It means he also has green eyes and the same rule applies to each green eyed man.

Poisoned Drink

Tina and Mina were good friends. They went to a restaurant to have the weekend dinner. Tina was very quick in eating, while Mina was very slow! Both ordered for orange juice with floating ice cubes and a part of lemon.

Mina drank one glass of the orange juice very slowly. It took about 15 minutes for Mina to complete a glass of juice, while Tina drank 6 glasses of the orange juice in the same duration!

Soon after, Mina suffered from food poison and was hospitalized. However, Tina was very safe! How is this possible? Tina drank six glasses of same orange juice while Mina just drank one glass.

Think well and answer!


The floating ice cubes were poisoned. Since Tina drank the juices very quickly, the ice didn’t melt and mixed with the juice. On the other hand, Mina drank it very slowly, the ice cubes melted and the poison mixed with the juice.

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