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How I Taught my Grandmother to Read and Other Stories

This is one of the collection of interesting short stories for children on wisdom and bliss of life. The author Sudha Murthy, a popular fictional writer has traced the interesting anecdotes from her personal life, more specifically from her childhood. Known for her simple style of writing and important elements for life, you should not give a miss to read Sudha Murthy’s short stories.


This is the story of a young girl who was given an unusual task to coach her illiterate grandma, how to read. She was stunned at first with this request, but her experience in teaching and training her grandmother, gave her a different perspective on life. It changed her completely for better forever.

The grandmother of the little girl had a great pleasure in life and it was hearing the stories narrated by her granddaughter. The old woman regretted that she could not have formal education and read her favorite stories. So, she made a request to her granddaughter to educate her.

The story is plotted and narrated on different issues which are mostly overlooked in today’s world. For instance, how do you react for scoring more marks in the exam than you actually deserve; what would you do if you are discriminated?

The story captures many beautiful moments of life.

The book doesn’t tell you or make you oblige to what is right and what is wrong. Rather, it makes you take independent decisions based on the life experiences. The book is more than a story, as it carries a motivational facet.

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