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Funny Riddles for Kids

Some riddles are extremely funny! When you think too hard, the answer would make you burst into laugh! Watch the words coined together. Have fun with our exclusive collection of funny riddles for kids!

Funny Riddles

Is an old 50 rupee note worth more than a new one?
Yes of course! 50 rupees is more valuable than 1 rupee!

What building has more and more stories than any story book?
A Library

There was a railroad crossing without any cars and trucks! Can you spell that without using any ‘R’?
Yes of course!. T.H.A.T

How many apples grow on a tree?
All apples grow on trees only!

A truck driver was going on by the one-way road opposing traffic! The traffic police noticed him and but took no action against him. Why?
He was just walking

Which is faster among the two? HOT or COLD?
Definitely Hot is faster, as you can easily catch COLD!

What you can put in a heavy wooden box that can make it weigh lighter?

It is just something that everybody does at the same time! What is that?

You can hold it without seeing or touching it! What is that?
Your Breath!

It always becomes white when it becomes dirty! What is that?
A Black board

Jack throws a bucket of water from his balcony! Why?
He wants to see waterfall!

Sam was very busy business man. Suddenly he threw away his expensive watch out of the window. Why?
Because he always felt time was flying and he just wants to see how time flies!

How many people are buried in a cemetery?
All people are buried!

What do you call a bear without ears?

How many bananas can you eat in an empty stomach?
ONLY ONE! Because when you eat one piece of banana, your stomach no longer remains empty!

What is the major difference between a lighting and electricity?
Of course you don’t need to pay for lightning!

It always stays hot even when put in refrigerator! What is that?

It has only a head and a tail! What is that?

It makes more noise than a dog in your house. What is that?
Two dogs!

How can you say that an ocean is so friendly to you?
Because it always waves!

Lucky Sona fell off a 100 steps staircase without getting hurt! How?
She fell off the last step!

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