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Lumberjack Mack is an eBook for kids featuring a comical and rhythmic story with powerful message. The story is narrated rhythmically. Read the story and visit us for more educational stories available in the form of eBooks for kids.

Jack lived alone near woods. The forest was sweet home for a lot of animals and birds. He used to cut down trees for various purposes, from cooking, making doors and windows, etc. He was a heavy woodman, used to have pile of wood. One day, he cut down a few trees as the winter was approaching.

He found that the wooden blocks he made from trees won’t be sufficient to give the warmth during the winter as the winter was quickly approaching. He cut a few more trees, made a stack of fire wood. Soon after, a storm blew away the roof of Jack’s house. He cut a few more trees as need more wood to fix the roof.

Later, he hosted a party and invited his friends to the forest party. He did not have enough furniture to make room for his guest and carved the tables and chairs from the wood he cut again from the forest.

Jack used axe to cut down the trees. One day, he saw there was no tree left in the forest and he utilized it all. The animals and birds started fighting with Jack as he destroyed their home.

Jack realized his mistake and started to plant the trees as much as he can.

He planted numerous trees and very soon they grew up. The animals and birds again got their shelter back. Still now, Jack doesn’t stop cutting down the trees for firewood, but he is now growing more trees to replace the trees he cut down earlier.

The attractive part of the eBook is the pictures crafted in vivid colors, which entices the kids to give a look. Since the story is narrated in rhythmic words, it is a read-along story and kids can learn different words.

This is definitely a must to read eBook to inculcate the important value in children. Growing trees is essential for maintaining the balance in the environment. We cut down trees for many reasons and many uses. For every tree we cut down, we should plant at least one new tree. Otherwise, the animals would suffer from lack of shelter and bump into places where we live. Grow trees, maintain the natural and eco-friendly environment, help animals and help our lives, and future generations.

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