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The Lost Egg

The Lost Egg is the eBook story of a mystery egg found by an owl in the midnight. She called other animals to find whose egg was it. This is an educational eBook for kids, where the little ones can learn about the small creatures and the kind of eggs and babies they lay.

An owl was sleeping on a tree. She woke up in the mid night hearing a strange noise. She asked making an ‘oooohhhh’ sound. There was no body. She saw a big and beautiful white egg placed before her.

Hearing the voice of owl, a mole popped up from beneath the earth. Owl asked him about the eggs. Mole lied that it was his egg, but the owl warned him it is not his egg as moles don’t lay eggs. Owl again made the sound to find the real story behind who laid that big egg.

Owl then enquired the rabbit about the egg. Since the egg was beautiful, rabbit claimed it was his lost egg. However, it wasn’t rabbit’s egg. A frog heard owl’s question from his rock in the pond. Owl narrated the incident and enquired him whether the frog knew who laid the egg. The frog told owl, it was one of her eggs and she lost it. Owl shouted at frog that frogs don’t lay huge eggs!

Squirrel and Badger also claim it was their eggs. Suddenly, all these animals started to fight to get the egg. Owl was sad that she could find who laid the egg. Meanwhile all animals claimed that it was their egg! Suddenly, they heard a huge sound up in the sky. What was that? Was the owl able to find whose egg was it?

This is an interesting and colorful eBook story narrated with beautiful pictures. We should not lie and try to claim the things that don’t belong to us.

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