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Everything was fine when the cool breeze flew everywhere and offered the cool air, until he was stuck with a chimney! People and plants suffer due to lack of cool breeze! Was he able to return? Yes, this is a story of a cool breeze.

It was a friendly cool breeze. He loved everyone and everyone loved him. He used to flow over everywhere to provide cool air. Kids play with him. Plants and trees shed him flowers. Without the cool breeze people would have suffered a lot. People were able to recognize the arrival of the cool breeze by the unique signs. The cool breeze made the tired and dull people more energetic. He took away all the heat. The cool breeze played with boys and girls in the street. The cool breeze spread the hands of happiness before he arrives.

The major problem with the cool breeze is that he won’t stay for long time in one place. He always rushed to go different places. Yes, the world is big and he should offer the cool air everywhere.

Everything changed upside down. It was a hot day. The cool breeze accidentally hit a chimney. The cool breeze was blowing and immersed in his day dreams. Yes, he crashed into a chimney. It was the most beautiful chimney that the cool breeze ever seen. He was blown by the beauty of the chimney.

He forgets his duty and stayed with the chimney. The cool breeze started to talk about his dreams and his long journeys. However, the chimney stood silent. The chimney had no interest in hearing the breeze. The more the breeze talked, the stubbornness of chimney increased. The breeze decided to stay with chimney until she talks with him. Since there was no cool air blown by cool breeze in the world, people started to suffer in the hot days. Did people enjoy the cool air from cool breeze?

The Breeze and the chimney is an interesting and simple story for kids. The pencil sketches are extraordinary. The reactions of the cool breeze are depicted perfectly.

Can you tell me what will happen if we don’t have cool breeze to suppress the hot climate?

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