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Kanelis Explores Athens is the little journey that takes the reader through the beautiful city of Athens with a beautiful message. Yes, this is a Greek Story developed in the backdrop of Athens. Authored by Dr Dimitrios Kanellaloupos, the story was translated by Anastasia Batsila. The author is a scholar and earned his doctorate degree in fluid mechanics, something that has no relevance to the child stories.

This eBook narrates the journey of a toy horse, which had a desire to explore the city and the nearby world! The horse had a secret wish.  He wanted to explore the city and enjoy the bliss.

Kanelis’s wish came true! He commenced his journey to explore the city. The horse flew over the city and enjoyed the busy city. He was surprised and amazed at the astounding sights in his city, which he never seen before. Parthenon was one of the highlights of the Athens city.

His journey continued and he had a great opportunity to have conversation with different sculptures.

The story travels through Athens Concert Hall, University of Athens, Academy of Philosophers, Lycabettus Hill Thunder and many important places.

If the children have interest in history and a zest to learn more about important historical places of Athens, this eBook will make an interesting read.

The eBook is divided into 8 chapters, narrating the varied experiences of Kanelis at various places.  There are few images. The eBook talks about the historical places of importance in Athens. The essence of history of Greek is captured beautifully in simple tone. The beauty of the city has been well explained in the eyes of the Kanelis. Owing to the complexity of the historical places which might be difficult for the kids to understand, this eBook would be ideal for grownup children. Also, the story talks about the traditions and cultural practices of Greek.

Kanelis Martaki travel through the city is a happy and joyous journey. His travel brings us joy and pleasure! Indirectly, it symbolizes the freedom and pleasure.

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