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100 years? Almost every single element in this world has undergone a change, gradually as well as dramatically! There are few elements which remains eternal. Fairy tales for children remains closer to the heart and mind of kids as well as grown-ups.

What do you remember when someone ask you about a fairy tale? Obviously, Cinderella isn’t it? Fairy tales are fascination stories that enlighten the children and even the elders. How about reading the fairy tales to your kids? Ask your child to enjoy the classic and all time favorite fairy tales here.

The Favorite Fairy Tales is a beautiful collection of most popular and most favorite fairy tales of all times. Published almost a century ago, the classic and vintage version of the colorful tales is available here.

The collection has 10 interesting tales. Some of the stories are reproduced in short animated videos and flash video formats. These videos are also available here for you. After reading the story or when your kid complete reading the stories, you can play those animated stories for kids.

The evergreen story, Cinderella and the glass shoe, Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood, Alibaba and the 40 thieves, Robin Hood, the Three Bears, Jack, the giant killer, and the list goes on!

These collections make an ideal set of bed time stories. Kids will love to hear some fascinating and fantasy tales with beautiful fairies and animals. Most of these stories are quite interesting, although it may appear quite familiar.

Remember the story Cinderella and the glass shoe – The poor but beautiful Cinderella lives as a servant, who was ill-treated in her relatives’ home. She receives a boon and was blessed with a glass shoe! Rest of the story? Read the eBook.

Little Red Riding Hood – A very popular story. A little girl who travelled to visit her grandma was trapped by the wolf and the rescue forms the interesting story! You can watch the animated version of this story here. Visit our animated stories for kids section.

Since classic stories have different writing tone, younger children may find it a little difficult to follow. However, letting kids read these stories will improve their language proficiency.

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