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The Amazing Alphabet Amusement Park

Amazing Alphabet

Leap Frog Videos are quite popular in the homes with naught preschoolers and toddlers! This is an interesting themed video from Leap Frog.

Lily and Tad are the staple characters in the educational videos for kids developed by Leap Frog. Those who are familiar with the earlier releases of Leap Frog videos for kids find an interesting addition to this video and he is Scout. Scout is a pet dog of Lily and Tad. The cute and mischievous actions of Scout make the video more entertaining.

Lily, Tad and the pet dog Scout embark on a journey to have fun with their friend Edison. They were shocked to notice that the amazing amusement park, owned by the Alistair Alphabelly is closed! Unfortunately, Edison stuck himself on Alphabet ferries wheel! The only way to back to their homes is finding the rides in the park with alphabet magic! The rides in the amusement park were shutdown due to lack of power. Lily and Tad must learn, recognize and mark the alphabets in order.The children should learn the alphabets in order, both in big and small letters to save their friend, save themselves and take them back to their home.

This is the theme of the video that runs for 39 minutes. Doesn’t that sound interesting? Yes, the animation makes it more entertaining. The animation is good and funny. Educational content scripted in a catchy way. When compared with the previous releases, the Amazing Alphabet Amusing Park failed to make a mark although it is an entertaining and educational in its own way! Otherwise, this is a good DVD for teaching alphabets.

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