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Brain Teasing Riddles With Answers

Riddles are fun! They are easy, smart, witty and sometimes may even tease your brain! General knowledge and a little bit attention on the riddles will help you find the answers with ease! Twist your thoughts to answer these brain teasing riddles.

Brain Teasing Riddles

How many apples can you put in an empty box?
ZERO. When you put an apple, it no longer remains empty!

How do you divide 20 oranges equally to 11 girls? No one gets more and no one gets less. All 11 girls should receive equal portions. How?
Juice the oranges and serve the equal quantity of orange juice.

It was a pink house. It was constructed with 4 walls. All walls of the house were built facing the south direction. A bear circled around the house. Now tell me what is the color of the bear?
It is a white bear, because the house is on the North Pole.

It was very dark. There was no electricity in the house. They had no candles or lanterns. The house was completely dark. A girl was reading and preparing for her exams. How?
Simple! The girl was blind and she was reading through Braille method.

Tom was a clerk at a butcher shop. His height is six feet and three inches. He wear shoes sized number 12. What does he weigh?
He weighs meat!

We are a family of 12 members. I am the second. I am also the youngest in our family. Who am I?
FEBRUARY! A year has 12 months and February is the second month.

There were two women, standing and facing the opposite ways. The first lady was facing south and the second lady was facing north. But, they could see each other. How is that?
They were holding the mirror.

Mr. Jason was walking along the sea shore. Suddenly it started drizzling and turned into a heavy rain. He wasn’t carrying any umbrella, not even any cap. He was completely wet and all his clothes were soaked in rain. Yet not even a single strand of his hair was wet! How was that possible?
Mr. Jason was bald!

There is a basket of 5 guavas. If you take away 3 guavas, how many guavas do you have?
You have 3 guavas! (if you take 3, then you will have 3)

How many times you can subtract number 3 from the number 35?
Only once! When you subtract number 3 from 35, it then becomes 32!

Imagine it was raining heavily! You were in a room with no windows. The door was locked and you cannot open the door. The room was gradually filling with water and in a few minutes, the room will be drowned. How do you escape?
Just stop imagining!

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