Funny and Tricky Brain Teasers

Brain teasers and riddles may appear difficult at first, but as you get used to it, they are relatively easy. Spend your time purposefully by solving these brain teasers. Visit us to have more entertaining and educational segments for kids!

What was the last statement?

Peter and his friends were enjoying their vacation in the woods. A few of the boys wanted to explore the forest. Peter joined his two friends and decided to explore the woods, while the others stayed behind.

Unfortunately, a jungle tribe surrounded the three boys. Peter was so smart that he diverted the tribe, and told the other two boys to rush back to their place and bring help. His hands were tied and the tribe took him to their leader.

The tribe had their own strong beliefs. They opposed the entry of humans, and believed that any foreigner entering the woods, other than anyone from their group was a curse! They should be punished to please their lord. A part of the punishment was to fry the human in oil or boil them in water! If the tribe caught any human, he or she would be punished by any method.

The leader told Peter they are doing it to appease the jungle fairies. The tribe leader added that Peter could say anything he wishes. If his statement was true, he would be fried in the oil. If his statement was false, then he would be boiled in water. The rule was whatever he said, would be his last statement as there was no second chance.

Peter was trapped and he knew he had no choice! He knew whatever he said, would be his last statement. However, the smart Peter made a statement that made the punishment impossible. And it was his last statement. The tribe was stunned to receive such a shocking reply from Peter.

Of course, he was set free. What was the statement?

He said that you will boil me in water.

According to the rules of the tribe, if Peter said the truth, they would fry him in oil! If he lied, they would choose the boiling water.

According to his statement, “You will boil me in water,” if they boiled him in water, his statement becomes true, which means the tribes should fry him in oil.

Alternatively, if they fry him in oil, his statement becomes false, where the tribes should boil him in water.

Both the clauses are blocked and therefore Peter was set free.

We are sure that you and your kids will love these riddles and brain teasers.

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