Funny Brain Teaser Questions And Answers

Brain teasers for kids!

Here are few more brain teasers and riddles to recharge your kid’s brain! Spend your time wisely and purposefully by solving these brain teasers. Visit us to have more entertaining and educational segments for kids!

What would you choose?

You visit a house, and the house has two gates; a blue gate and a black gate. You can choose any one gate and it depends on you. As you enter, the power goes off!

You move inside and notice there are two entrances to the home. Each entrance is decorated with a different carpet. Red carpet on one entrance and brown carpet on the other. You can choose any entrance and enter the house.

Next, you see two doors, a pink door and an orange door. You can choose to open any door.

You then see a big room partitioned into three small compartments. The first portion has gun pointing you. The second portion has knifes targeting you. The third one has an electric chair.

You are asked to pick any one of the partitions! Which would you choose and why?

You would choose the electric chair! Remember, the power went off as you entered the house!

Let us analyze how smart you are and how your brain works!

Who was the murderer?

Mr. Kiran received a phone call from the police. He was informed that someone had killed his brother. Mr. Kiran was shocked to hear the news. The police officer who spoke to Kiran asked him to rush to the place where his brother was killed and disconnected the phone.

Kiran was shocked and couldn’t think what to do. He then got into his car and drove around 20 minutes to reach the place where his brother was killed.

He stopped when he saw a group of police officers near the entrance of the garden. As he alighted from the car, he was immediately arrested for killing his brother. Why?

The police officer who spoke to Kiran had only informed that his brother was killed. However, he had never disclosed any information about the place where they found the dead body, or any details about their location. Since Kiran was the killer, he drove to the garden directly without a doubt!

We are sure that you and your kids will love these riddles and brain teasers.

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