Simple and Funny Brain Teasers

Brain teasers and riddles may appear difficult initially, but as one gets used to it, they are relatively easy. Given below are a few brain teasers to nourish your brain!

Brain Teasers

Paul left his hometown 10 years ago. One day he decides to return to his village. He heard that his hometown was now divided into two villages, Banana Village and Coconut Village. He should go to Coconut Village to reach his home. Here is the twist.

People from Coconut Village never lie. People from Banana Village never tell the truth. There was no signboard or name board. The main road divides into two roads, each road directing towards Coconut Village and Banana Village. Paul does not know which road takes him to Coconut Village.

He saw a man coming behind him and decided to ask the route to his village. Paul asked only one question and got the right answer. What was the question and explain!

Paul asked one simple question!

Showing the road to Coconut Village he asked, “Is this the road that takes me to Coconut Village?” If the man was from Coconut Village, he would never lie and would say, “YES!”, and Paul found his way to Coconut Village.

If the man belonged to Banana Village, he would never tell the truth and would also say, “YES!” Either way, Paul found his way to Coconut Village.

It was a different golf course. The holes dug in the ground were too deep than the holes found in a regular golf course. A tennis ball rolled into the deepest hole in the ground. It was impossible to recover the ball by hand. It was also not possible to dig another hole to retrieve the ball. How can you recover the ball?

The answer is water! Just pour enough water in the deep hole. The tennis ball will float.

It was a beautiful garden consisting of stunning peacocks. They were healthy, happy and energetic. Now if five peacocks were to lay 15 eggs in 30 days, then how many peacocks are required to lay 45 eggs in 25 days?

Peacocks don’t lay eggs, only peahens.

This is a question that no one can answer YES. In other words, if someone were to ask you a question, you are not supposed to say YES. What is the question?

Are you sleeping?

We are sure that you and your kids will love these riddles and brain teasers.

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