Simple Brain Teasers And Riddles For Children

Clever brain teasers for kids!

Bringing you a few more brain teasers and riddles to nourish your kid’s brain! Check out the interesting riddles and try to solve it before looking for the answers.

Let us begin the brain storming session with fun. These are for grown up children. Try and have some fun with these interesting brain teasers.

One of the following statements is true. Which one is true?
1. One statement is false
2. Two statements are false
3. No statement is true

Two statements are false!

Kiran was a lazy boy. His father was so sick about his lazy behavior. Lazy Kiran found it difficult to help his father in the fields, and never completed any task assigned to him by his father. The father and son used to constantly fight with one another. His father owned many fields and worried that Kiran may not be able to take care of his enormous property. One day he pretended to be very sick, so he could test Kiran’s ability.

He asked Kiran to bring him something to eat and drink. He also asked for some food to feed the pig and sow some seeds on the field. However, there was a condition. Kiran should bring all the requested items in a single container. Kiran accomplished the task and gained the confidence of his father! What did Kiran bring in a single container?

Kiran brought his father a watermelon in a single container! The father ate the watermelon, while Kiran made juice from the watermelons as a drink for his father. He then fed the pig with the rid, and sowed the seeds in his field to grow watermelons!

Noah was a criminal who was sentenced to death. It was his last day and he was given three choices on how to end his life. He could choose any of the three alternatives.

  • A room filled with loaded guns. When Noah opens the room, the loaded guns obviously target the person who opened the door.
  • A room with raging fire. When he entered the room, the door behind him would close and Noah would be set ablaze.
  • A room with three fierce lions, who have eaten nothing for the past 2 years.

Noah was released and he survived. Which alternative did Noah choose?

Noah chose the room with the fierce lions! How come a lion survive without food for 2 years? The room had nothing but remnants of dead lions!

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