Brain Teasers And Riddles For Kids

Brain teasers for kids!

Brain teasers and riddles may appear difficult at first, but as one gets used to it, they are relatively easy. Given below are a collection of brainteasers and riddles for kids.

Let us begin the brain storming session with fun! Solve these questions before looking into answers. Explore more brain training sessions and colorful fun activities for kids.

Tom went to a party, which was being organized by his boss. He had a big argument with his manager, just a few hours before the party. He was very upset with his manager and planned to return home soon. He quickly drank a glass of cranberry juice with ice, offered at the party and left immediately. Many guests who drank the cranberry juice got sick, and a few were even admitted to a hospital in a critical condition. However, Tom was safe and remained in good health. Why?

Tom had the cranberry juice with the ice, floating in the drink. He drank it so quickly that the ice had not yet melted. The ice cubes were contaminated, and the guests who drank the juice with the melted ice got sick.

Jack and Jill were arguing over a few missing bills. Jack told Jill that he kept a few bills between the pages of a Harry Potter Book. However, Jill insisted that there was only one bill found in the Harry Potter book.

Jill went on to add, “I saw a bill of Rs. 500 /- kept between the 13 and 14 pages of the Harry Potter book”!

Jack replied, “Jill you missed the bills or you have hidden it somewhere. Tell me where the bills are?”

Jill was wrong and Jack found the missing bills. How?

Just like any book, the odd numbers are paged on the right and even numbers are paged on the left. It is impossible to place a bill between pages number 13 and 14!

A few pieces of Lilly’s expensive jewelry were found missing on a Sunday noon. She had worn a few of the pieces, the night before (on Saturday night) to a party, and found everything was in place. However, she was shocked to see the jewelry that she had worn the day before, in her wardrobe cupboard.

The police questioned the family members and workers. They immediately identified the culprit.

Annie, her personal attendant had said that she had gone to the post office and was unaware of anything.

Tim, the butler had said that he was busy shopping for the Sunday feast and was completely engaged with cooking the special meal.

Tina, the baby sitter said she was playing with Lilly’s child.

Ryan, the gardener said that he was watering the garden and planting new trees.

The security guard reported that he never came into the house since morning.

Therefore, who stole the jewelry?

It was none other than Annie. It was Sunday and therefore a Government holiday. Post offices do not function on Sundays.

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