Funny Brain Teasers With Answers For Kids

Brain teasers and riddles for kids!

Given below is our next collection of brain teasers. They are funny and may appear difficult at first, but as one gets used to it, they are relatively easy. These brain teasers will have the kids scratching their heads. There is a wide range of brain teasers available online these days. However, these mental mathematics or logical reasoning will get the kids to think differently and improve their learning skills.

A boy was injured and was rushed in to the Emergency Room in a critical state. The doctor said, “This is my son and I cannot operate on him. However, the doctor was not the boy’s father. How?
The doctor was the boy’s mother.

How far does a dog usually run into the woods?
If you notice, a dog usually runs only into half of the woods. After which, it runs back.

Two mothers and two daughters went to a restaurant and ordered only three burgers for all of them. Explain why?
They were only three people – two mothers (a grandmother and mother) and two daughters (a mother and daughter).

A man was caught out in the rain – his clothes were soaked, but not a single hair on his head was wet. He was also not wearing a hat. How?
He was a bald man.

You are on a bridge and you see a ship full of people. However, there was not a single person on board. How?
They were all married people.

Name an item that goes around the wood but never into the wood?
The bark of a tree.

Name an item that gets wet as it dries?
A Towel.

Name something that has hands but is unable to clap.
A wall-clock or watch.

Has anyone ever found out what really is at the end of a rainbow?
The alphabet “W”.

Think well - which of these items weigh more - a pound of bricks or a pound of feathers?
Both weigh the same as they both weigh one pound.

A man is sitting in a dark house with no lights, lamp or candle. Yet he is reading. How?
The man is blind and is reading in braille.

Think of four days of the week that begin with the letter “t”?
Today, Tomorrow, Tuesday and Thursday.

Name something that starts with the “t”, ends with “t” and is filled with “t”.
A teapot.

There is a line. Without touching it, how can you make that line longer?
Make it a longer line by drawing a shorter line beside it.

Name which of the months in a year have 28 days?
All the 12 months.

A cowboy rides into town on Sunday, stays for three days and leaves on Sunday. How?
The name of the cowboy’s horse was Sunday.

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