Brain Teasers for Intelligent Kids

We are back to energize the brain! Let us test your intelligence, lateral thinking and how your brain works. A few questions are very simple and the answers can be very corny when you get it wrong. Shall we?

Kira’s mother had four children. The first baby was named May. The second baby was named June. The fourth child was named August! What was the name of the third child?


An assistant works in a butcher shop. He was 6 feet and 2 inches tall and he wears size 14 sneakers. What does he weigh?


We all knew, Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world. Now tell me, what the highest mountain was before Mount Everest was discovered.

Still it was Mount Everest because it wasn’t just discovered.

How much soil will be there in a hole measuring 5 feet depth and 3 feet wide?

A hole has no sand!

You can never spell this word correctly in the English language and everyone in the world knowingly spells this word incorrectly. What is the word?

It is the word – INCORRECTLY

Bob was born the next day of Christmas, on December 26. However, his birthday always fall on hot and dry summer. Why and How?

Bob celebrate his birthday during summer because he lives in Southern Hemisphere.

In Canada you cannot take a photograph of a man with a plastic leg. Why?

It is impossible to take the pictures with a plastic leg. You either need a camera or a mobile phone with camera.

  • In Canada you cannot take a photograph of a man with a plastic leg. Why?

    Neither option is right. Egg Yolks aren’t white. They are yellow!

    Which one of the following is correct?
          1. The yolk of the egg are white or
          2. The yolk of the egg is white?

    The farmer will have only one haystack in his field as he combines all!

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