Fun Brain Teaser Questions

Brain teasers for kids – lateral thinking, concentration, attention to detail – make it simple Ready for the challenge?

Bus Driver

You are driving a bus. Ten people entered the bus and three got off at the first stop. Five girls entered the bus and seven girls got off the bus at the college stop. Later three old men along with four couples entered the bus. In the railway station stop, 6 men got off. What was the colour of the driver’s eyes?

It is the colour of your eyes, because you are the driver. Read the question again.

Rain and Dry Hair

It rained heavily. Mr. Ray walked with no umbrella. While he was completely wet and soaked in water by rain, not a single hair became wet. He neither wore a cap nor covered his head. How is that possible?

Mr. Ray was a bald man and he has no hair!

Read with no light

It was a new moon day. A girl was sitting on the balcony at 8 pm. There was no power in the house and the entire street was dark. She was reading in the dark. How?

The girl was blind and she was reading Braille.

Word Power

When you read a word normally or upside down, it remains the same. Name the word!


How many children

Mr. Sinha has 7 daughters. Each daughter has a brother. Now, tell me how many children Mr. Sinha has?

Number 8 – 7 daughters and a son


A thief was imprisoned for stealing precious jewelry and was brought in a King’s court for punishment. The king asked for his one last desire; expect the desire that he should be discharged from the punishment. The thief was silent for a while and said, ‘I have no desire’. The merciful aging king asked him how he would like to die. After hearing his answer the king happily freed him. What did the thief tell the king?

The thief wanted to die of natural causes!

A Stranger in the car

A man and his wife were driving to the nearby city. Since the lady screamed for her life, the man halted the car and rushed to seek help from the neighbors. When he returned back to the car, he saw his wife in a critically bad condition, near to death’s door, accompanied by a stranger that he had never seen before. The police arrived to the place and never questioned the stranger. How?

The lady gave birth to a baby.

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