Brain Teaser Riddles With Answers

Brain teasers for kids – lateral thinking, concentration, attention to detail – make it simple Ready for the challenge?

Doctor’s Problem

A famous scientist had is hi-tech laboratory in the middle of his private isolated island. He lived with his assistant for several years in the island. His goal is to discover a liquid that would dissolve anything in the world. After several attempts, the scientist and his assistant finally succeeded in creating the right formula for the liquid that dissolves everything.

Yet, within a few minutes, the scientist turned very sad and left the lab disappointed. He had a complex problem with this invention. Now, answer why the scientist was disappointed and what was the complex problem he experienced?

The liquid dissolves everything and the scientist could not find any container or bottle to store the liquid!!!!

Simple and Fun

1.  ------------

2.  ------------

3.  /r/e/a/d/i/n/g/

4.   Cycle

5.   Cycle (now you can easily answer this)

6.  death ....... life

7.  abababababababababababababababababababab....


1.  Man over board
2.  I Understand
3.  Reading between the lines
4.  Tricycle
5.  Bicycle
6.  Life after death
7.  Long time no C
8.  Think BIG

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