Top Ten Healthy Habits For Mothers

by Dr. Shanthi Thomas

Mothers often do not have time for themselves. Between a job (in the case of a working woman), children and other family matters, life is often an act of juggling for typical mothers. Yet, a mother’s health is of supreme importance not only to her, but also her family. So what are the some healthy habits that mothers should cultivate on a daily basis?

1. Use the sunscreen

Yes, we are beginning with skin care. This is because how you look contributes a great deal to your self-confidence. The sun is not a friend of your skin. The ultra violet rays of the sun cause wrinkles on the skin and damage it. So, it is advisable that each morning after washing your face, you wear your sunscreen on the face and other exposed areas.

2. Water

The benefits of drinking water are numerous. Water is essential in lubricating our joints, regulating body temperature and supplying oxygen to various parts of the body. In addition, it provides the skin with a very healthy glow. The generally accepted recommendation is minimum 8 glasses of water.

3. Sleep

Mothers should never compromise on their sleep. Sleep is absolutely essential for our body to develop immunity and fight diseases, for our metabolism and optimal mental health. Sleep is the time when our body physically and cognitively restores itself. Minimum 8 hours of sleep is often recommended but there may be individual differences. Generally speaking, if you wake up refreshed the next day, that means you have had a good night’s sleep.

4. Move

This of course is a no brainer. The benefits of exercise is known to everyone, but in the case of mothers often it is a problem of finding the time and motivation. The key is to make movement a habit. Find a partner to work out or go for a walk with you at a fixed time each day. Also, invent creative ways of movement such as parking your car far away from the supermarket while going shopping. Get an indoor spinning bike to steal a couple of minutes of exercise anytime you can.

5. Keep a journal

A journal is a great tool for organized life, and this is very important for a mother. No one can be expected to remember all that is to be done in a day. In your journal you can write down your schedules for the week, your expenditure, plans for the future and personal reflections. A journal will help you to become a more organized and reflective mother.

6. Physical touch

Hug often. Be it your husband, children or friends, hug often. The feel-good hormone called oxytocin (often known as the ‘cuddle hormone’) is released while hugging. Moreover, the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, is reduced by hugging.  These hormonal regulations result in greater happiness, avoid depression and anxiety, and even relieve pain.

7. Experiment with cooking

No one is born as a great cook, and not all mothers are great cooks. However, cooking good food is an incredibly useful skill for a mother. You can take out the boredom associated with cooking everyday if you experiment with different recipes. The internet is a storehouse of numerous recipes making use of every imaginable ingredient. Go ahead. Experiment and become a heroine for your kids.

8. Growing your own food

It is impossible to grow all your food, but if you have at least a little space, grow your own vegetables and fruits. In addition to giving you immense satisfaction as a hobby, you can ensure that your family is getting produce that is not contaminated by pesticides.

9. Laugh more

Studies have shown that laughter can have far-ranging benefits for the body. It can help relieve pain, and reduce the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. In fact, according to Positive psychology a sense of humour and propensity for laughter are one of the greatest attributes of healthy and happy living. So, watch that comedy show, play the fool with your kids and laugh with all your heart. Your body and mind will thank you for it.

10. Eat right

Many mothers have a habit of finishing off the leftovers after the family has eaten, so that there is no food wasted. While not wasting food is indeed a commendable virtue, eating leftover food is not the way to achieve that. Prepare just enough for the family, and try to include more vegetables and fruits as well as fish and lean meat. If you avoid too much carbohydrate and sugar, you will not put on weight.

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