Top 10 Tips to Learn English Faster at Home

Nowadays knowing English is more important than one’s mother tongue or native language. English is a language that has gained its own pace across the world. Of course, learning a new language is so much fun and that too by yourself is challenging as well. Many people opt for multiple ways to learn English, some opt for English writing tips, and so on. The way of learning and excelling in English is at your fingertips if you have the interest and zeal to upfront your knowledge.

The information and skills needed to communicate effectively through writing are all included in writing skills. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation are used with sound language knowledge. People who are skilled writers may adjust their tone and word choice to suit various settings and audiences.

So we need to understand that writing is a creative process that, by its very nature, generates ideas and frequently results in more than the writer initially anticipates. the capacity to connect and think laterally the capacity for editing, rewriting, and proofreading. the capacities of patience and self-motivation.

As an example, teachers frequently ask students to write on some topics regularly to gauge how well they have understood the concept or subject. This act helps students to remember information, connect ideas, and integrate information in a novel way.

Below are some of the English writing tips, which can help you learn English in a better way with little more ideas

1. Make a language learning goal

For every action, we need a plan. And is similar to learning English also. Make a goal of learning English by following your schedule and routine efficiently. Know what is your goal. Make sure why you want to learn English writing tips. Is to enhance your language learning skills or to give certain international exams like TOEFL, or any other. Be clear with your goal and learn accordingly. This way you will be clear about what to learn and how to learn.

2. Learn English grammar

To learn anything, we need to be strong with its basics. And same is applicable to learning English as well. Learning English grammar can make you strong in the fundamentals of the English language. Keep a book to jot down the grammar concepts like nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, etc. The best English writing tip is to make small and easy-to-understand sentences with correct vocabulary.

3. Make a habit of learning one new word daily

Your ability to communicate will improve as you learn new English words. Learning additional words is the best method to increase and broaden your vocabulary. Every day, learn and utilize a new word in English.

If you are unsure of where to start, consider creating flashcards of the most often-used words. After learning the fundamentals, use a thesaurus to expand your vocabulary and begin expressing yourself with more complex terms. Reading news stories is another technique to increase your vocabulary in English. Also, keep reading newspapers daily and underline the new words.

4. Try to record learned words in a journal along with the dictionary handy

Many language learners make sure they carry a notebook or diary to write down the new word whenever they come across them. However, it is a good thought of keeping the note handy so that as and when you listen or read a new word you can put it on the paper. And also make a point to know the meaning of that word at the same moment, so that you will not forget about it.

5. Make an English native partner

Practice is essential when attempting to comprehend English. To perfect your pronunciation, oral comprehension, and generally speaking abilities, you should ideally speak the language frequently. Working with a patient conversation partner is among the finest strategies to enhance your English conversational skills.

Try to check if there are any language exchange programs in your area if you don’t know any English speakers. These programs provide you the opportunity to learn from an English speaker in exchange for sharing your original tongue with them. Look for educational possibilities in your neighborhood. Identify a conversational ally. Free tutoring for English-language learners is provided once or twice a week by volunteers in several schools and community organizations.

6. Frequently read English books

Reading is a fantastic approach to picking up the more subtle nuances of English expression, whether you’re just starting to study the language or aim to become almost native. If you enjoy reading novels, taking an online literature course will introduce you to some of the genre’s most enduring works. If you’re just learning English and aren’t yet ready for advanced and powerful literature, start with a children’s book.

Additionally, you download some English e-books available online and keep reading them frequently. Reading at your ease and convenience will help to broaden your learning aspects.

Not only books, but you can also switch your native language newspapers, magazines, white papers, research papers, and many more to English. Switching your native language to English can help you connect with native English speakers and help you know the world from their perspective.

7. Watch English movies and listen to English music with subtitles

One of the best ways to learn English is to watch English movies and songs with subtitles. This kind can help you to enjoy learning English in addition to entertainment. Learn to understand the movie with the help of the subtitles, this way you will know the vocabulary and oral sense also. And once you are familiar with English try to switch off the subtitles.

And again switch on the subtitles to cross-check your understanding. This way you can track your level of English language.

As a result, your hearing abilities will advance. Watching movies without subtitles is an excellent technique to determine whether you need to improve your listening skills if your abilities are robust and you are willing to test your ear.

8. Practice writing in English and reading along with the accent

Make a habit of writing in English, it can be small messages, letters, your routine, etc. This English writing tip can enhance your written vocabulary and you become capable of making large essays or paragraphs. As you improve your writing skills you will gain more confidence to design large sentences and paragraphs.

After writing the essays try to read the content with an accent. This way you can become proficient in writing and pronouncing each English word with the proper accent.

You can try taking some exams in English to know your ability and efficiency in the English language.

9. Keep motivating yourself to learn more and more English

As you continue learning you may realize that you are getting better and after some point, you may feel bored of learning the same thing. So at this point, you have to keep motivating yourself to learn more and become better every day.

Keep reading, and listening to the motivational quotations to uphold your learning capabilities at your level best. There are many ways to keep motivating yourself to enhance yourself as per the trending industry challenges. Completely immerse yourself in learning and enhancing the English language in every possible way.

10. Don’t hesitate to make mistakes

It is okay to make mistakes. But never stop yourself from learning and making mistakes. Mistakes are part of learning and rectifying them is the chance of enhancing your English language skill.

Learn like a child who is never bothered by making mistakes. And even if you repeat mistakes make sure you always make a point of correcting them immediately. That is why always keep a dictionary handy so that whenever you make mistake you can correct it immediately. Keep talking with English natives which can enhance your talking skills and understand the English language efficiently and effectively.

Some more points to focus on-

  • Don’t underestimate your own knowledge.
  • Talk to yourself in the mirror or with English-speaking friends while you practice your speech.
  • To get you started reading more, start with books for young children or teens.
  • Make it a habit by regularly practicing and studying. Maintain motivation by engaging in a variety of practice activities.
  • Take on the challenge of conducting all of your daily interactions—including those with the cashier, doctor, and bus driver—in English.
  • Keep a notebook of the things you have learned during the past week or day.
  • Create more manageable daily or weekly goals to avoid being overwhelmed.

However, there are three main levels – Advanced, Intermediate, and Novice, with respective sublevels like High, Mid, and Low.

There are certain guidelines that outline the writing assignments that describe your capability of writing at each level of the content, context, correctness, and discourse patterns relating to the English language.

These guidelines can be used to categorize written language that is either presentational (essays, reports, letters), or interpersonal (instant messaging, e-mail communication, texting). Additionally, they apply to write that is contemplative or spontaneous (instant, unedited) (revised, edited).

One of the best English writing tips is to take a course from a reputed educational firm. There are many institutions providing English language courses. But if you want to learn from home and at your convenience, then I can suggest Henry Harvin. It is one of the top-ranked and awarded institutes which offer an online platform for learning English writing tips from well-qualified and experienced instructors.

Henry Harvin

You can enroll in Henry Harvin to become part of learning better English with the help of the most qualified and experienced instructors. The instructors have decades of real-time hands-on experience on industry projects.

Become part of an English Writing course offering an online platform to learn English quickly with better aspects of your career. The course is well-designed with English writing tips including the below concepts.

Core Concepts

  • Projects, internships, certification, placement, e-learning, master classes, hackathons, and gold membership are all part of the course training program.
  • Get access to the Learning Management System (LMS) with the credentials to learn English writing tips at your ease.
  • The course includes spelling, diction, pronunciation, and all the basics of the English language along with simple English writing tips.

Relative courses

  • English Speaking course
  • Business English Teacher course
  • English language course for Kids

Final thoughts

By following the above English writing tips you can enhance your English with a better selection of vocabulary and spellings. There are many more tips that you can sketch yourself at your convenience to enhance your learning. Keep learning and keep motivating to learn more and more to enrich yourself with better career aspects.


Q.1) Is it possible to learn English in just a few weeks?

Ans. The above English writing tips can help you learn English in the better possible ways. Adding to the above tips you can also improve yourself with the below options-

  • Learn phrases regularly
  • Keep listening to English
  • Talk to yourself in front of the mirror
  • Maintain daily routines in English
  • Make English friends

Q.2) I am trying to learn English but I do not find improvement. Can you suggest some tips?

Ans. If you are interested in learning English then you can follow the above English writing tips. And try to keep yourself tracked on the regular basis.

Q.3) How does taking an English language course help me enhance my skills?

Ans. The English language course involves many fundamentals of English grammar and also includes English writing tips. Following the course under the guidance of well-qualified instructors will help you on a better path.

Q.4) Do we have any online applications to uphold my English skills?

Ans. There are so many applications available like FleuntU, Duolingo, etc which will enhance your learning skills. Also, there are so many educational games that can be downloaded on mobile phones and will be handy to learn at your leisure.

Q.5) Is it worth joining the institute to learn the English language course?

Ans. It is always beneficial to learn from the institute. Learning from qualified instructors will give you the correct direction to enhance your skills and help you to achieve the expected goals.


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