Why is it Important to Let Babies Make a Mess

Most parents will be terrified by the room’s look after a baby has been in it. Babies have no sense of tidiness or home rules, so they’ll instantly make a mess without worrying about how it looks.

From the first moment the baby is born, it instantly starts learning and discovering the world around it. Since it was created inside the womb, it knows nothing else but the comforting darkness of the inside of the mother.

When it is born, it breathes air for the first time, feels the true sunlight, and feels a touch on its skin. All these things are entirely new. This scares the baby, and it cries. It is new, and it takes time until it realizes that sunlight, air, and touch don’t hurt.

As time goes by and babies grow, they encounter new stuff. Everything they see, hear, feel, and taste is new to them. Everything’s exciting, and they feel like they are in an amusement park, except the roller coaster is not made of little carts, but everything around them is a roller coaster.

This is why babies will do everything they can to make what we see as a mess. For them, it’s just enjoying life. If you stop them from doing what they’re doing, they’ll get mad, just like a grown person would be if you take something they love from them. But why is it important to let babies make a mess?

Instinct sees the kitchen table as a playground

The worst part of babies playing with everything is when they do it with their food. Once the baby is grown enough to taste actual food other than the breast milk from its mother, its parents will start preparing food almost the same as the one they eat.

Babies do not see this food as something they should be eating, especially when they are not really hungry. A Baby’s gut is small and fills up immediately, making them full very fast. The rest of the food seems like an excellent idea to play games with. It’s new, fun, and has many different colors that change when you splash them.

Why is it important to let them do it?

Although we all hate it when babies play with the food and toss it around, it’s important to let them do it, at least occasionally. Why, you may ask? Because this is how they learn textures, how objects behave when force affects them, and generally learn the consequences of their actions.

You shouldn’t be worried about them getting all dirty. Simply put on a bib and let the baby enjoy the meal. Yes, it’ll probably try to eat some of it after it has been splashing it all across the eating board, but ensure it is clean enough and let them do their thing.

When you think about what happens when you press the baked tomato, you find nothing spectacular about it, but your baby sees something like this for the first time and is happy about it. Just remember how amused you were when you got to press a foam toy ball with your hand. You couldn’t get enough of it. Now put yourself in your baby’s shoes.

Creativity is developed in the first few years of their lives

Creativity is an important skill for every human. You want your child to be creative, but if you press it down every time it is trying to do something creative, it will develop a pattern that is free from it. Creativity is developed from the earliest of ages and seriously starts developing after the age of three.

The peak of the child’s creative expression reaches when it turns six. That means you should let your children enjoy life and learn everything about the things around them while they are babies. Learning how things act in their surroundings is key to driving their imagination and leading to creative thoughts.

What you don’t want from them is obedient children that are not enjoying anything. When these kids grow up, they’ll become servile and unhappy. They’ll obey everyone’s orders but will diminish their own wishes and needs. You don’t want your child to be unhappy so you can have a clean living room, right?


With the points above, you realize how important it is to let your babies be babies. Let them play. Let them mess up everything around them. Yes, it is exhausting, and you’ll need to spend an hour cleaning after them, but that’s a small price for raising them into healthy and intelligent people.

A baby that loves playing, exploring, learning, and making a mess is a healthy one that does everything they are supposed to do. Don’t stop them from being a child. Let them learn, enjoy life, and ignore the mess for the first few years.


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