This Is Why Card Games Are Crucial For Kids!

Card Games

It’s understandable that television is today’s babysitter. It’s cheaper, accessible, and always available. However, due to excessive screen time, children aren’t developing cognitive skills like they used to. This is why card games are crucial for kids! Growing up in a digital age, it is easy to get distracted by social media, tv, and video games. The best way to get kids back to increase their memory skills, retention, social skills, and more all while having fun is with card games. It’s easy to fall into a pattern of letting kids distract themselves, but letting kids distract themselves with card games helps alleviate the guilt of the parent knowing their kids are benefitting by learning.

What Is Cognitive Development?

First, let’s quickly go over what cognitive skills are so we know all the areas in a kid’s brain that are gaining benefits! Cognitive skills involve the core functions like processing, attention, perception, mobility, memory, and logic & reasoning. The more these skills are developed the

more successful children will be while facing new learning experiences. Using the tools they learned will help them understand how to be more curious and creative. One of the best ways to easily learn and practice these core skills is with card games! Learning feels less like a chore when you are more busy having fun. That’s why card games are so great! Not only are kids improving their most important skills, but they are also having fun doing so! According to youth.worldbridge.org, Playing games that require memorization, pattern recognition, and complex math problems can help develop their motor and cognitive skills. The more difficult a game becomes it invokes their curiosity to problem-solve. The more they practice these skills the more they increase their development.

Different Card Games Kids Can Exercise Their Brains With

Now let’s go over the different types of games you can introduce your kids to that they will love! The first type of game would be “question card games.” Question card games are perfect to spark conversations at the dinner table, in the car during a road trip, or for family game night.

These card games can help a kid practice thinking more creatively. A card game by Highlights, called Brain Starters, is a deck of 54 cards, each containing a question. One of the cards asks “Why do you think spoons are curved instead of shaped like a box?” This question will help kids reflect on ideas they probably haven’t thought of before and allows them to create their own reasoning behind the question. The object of the game isn’t to come up with the right answer, but to come up with creative possibilities to help encourage curiosity.

The next type of game would be memorization games. Math Match-up by Highlights is created for ages 7+. These games help build children’s attention span as they practice memorizing which cards are placed where. The more they can memorize, the more cards are added to increase the difficulty to help challenge their skills. Memorization games are less intimidating for children as there is no winning or losing, just trying again. The more kids play memorization games the more they improve their attention to detail.

Playing card games are another great way for kids to play and learn. Games like solitaire, crazy eights, rummy, and slap jack are perfect examples of card games that establish strategic and critical thinking. These games are great for enjoying with friends or during family game nights as they are fun for all ages! Card games are also known to help relieve stress and anxiety as they require attention to stay focused.

Will You Switch Your Kids From TV To Card Games?

In conclusion, card games are a great way for kids to practice their memorization skills, critical thinking skills, and other important core skills to benefit their cognitive development. It is a simple way for kids to get their brains working while also having fun and allowing them to feel confident while doing so. Everyone’s learning styles are different, so it is best to find the right card game for them. Before you let your kids soak up screen time, see if they are ready to engage in a fun new card game.

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