Simple Techniques To Build Useful Essay Writing Habits

Writing habits are easier to hone if you have an ardent interest in the subject. Even then, professional writers sometimes go through lazy trances and writer’s block. It is not easy to sit in the spot and write a thousand worded essays without feeling the impending doom of exhaustion.

This is why forming a habit of writing is very important. Even if you do not have the basic writing skills at the moment, keep writing for the next 21 days, and see an instant change in your essay writing skills.

It is not just about your final exams or getting that extra credit. You will have to write impressive essays if you wish to get into a good college, especially if the goal is an ivy league.

When you have your major, essays will be part and parcel of class credits. So, do not joke around the subject and start inculcating habits that will help you later.

What Makes A Good Essay

Now, before we get into the subject of building a habit, let us first understand the definition of a good essay. Well, there is no archetype for writing the best essay. Instead, whether an essay is good depends on whether the reader liked it, finished it, and learned something new.

Here are some of the expert-given essay writing strategies that can help you.

  • Increase the readability with smaller sentences and paragraphs.
  • Divide the essay into understandable sections rather than one large section.
  • Try to proofread it more than once. The first draft is never forgotten.
  • Lesser spelling mistakes.
  • Well researched with the right information.
  • Quotations and statistics.
  • A good ‘Introduction’ and a good ‘Conclusion.’

Keep these pointers in mind while practicing your essay-writing habits in the coming days.

How To Incorporate Essay Writing Habits

Any habit is easy to hone if you have the right suggestion by your side. Here is the best advice for honing basic writing skills to write good essays for schools and colleges.

1. Read & Read More

You cannot write if you do not read. This is the oldest advice right from the books. Essay wiring strategies include having a good vocabulary and diction. Contrary to popular belief, simply copying big parts from Thesaurus is not enough.

They can actually make your writing look very tacky. As if you are trying too hard to sound snobby and condescending.

Start imitating a good writing style until it becomes your own. It doesn’t have to be an essay; it could just be your favorite classic writer.

2. Practice Researching

Research is an art!

Do you want to know why? How often have you gone through the habit hole of research only to come out with no quality information? Did you just reach a page that has no relevance to the topic?

See! Art!

You must start filtering your research, ensure that you do it within the given time, and do not procrastinate with the internet (since no one researches books now). Therefore, your mission towards growing effective writing habits has to start with good research practices.

  • Start with making an outline of the matter.
  • Open only a few tabs, and do not create too much traffic in your browser.
  • Take some of the important information and create a separate document.
  • Do not research while you are writing.

3. Find A Practicing Partner With Same Writing Habits

You are not the only one searching for essay writing strategies and ways to enhance your writing skill. If you want to keep writing, it is easier if someone keeps an eye on you.

How about keeping an eye on someone as well? Don’t they tell you that you learn the most when you teach?

Find a partner who can have late-night practice sessions with you. Discuss the nitty grits of essay writing and the topics you should start researching. It is not only fun, but now you will have someone to discuss flaws with and learn new things.

4. Try Out Different Topics

Many fail to grow good writing habits because they insist on staying in their respective comfort zone. But, unfortunately, you never learn in the warmth of your comfort zone. Yes, we all have our strong suits when it comes to writing, but we also have our Achilles heels. 

So, focus on the weak rather than just listing the strong sword. Then, every day, pick a topic that is a little different from what you would generally write. For example, if you are a tech lover, go for a history essay, and vice versa.

Change the route; only then will the learning be wholesome. From having basic writing skills, you will become an expert.

5. Get Into Academia

Getting into academia is the perfect way to start loving the act. Watch some movies that romanticize studying or the knowledge-hungry aspect of human life. Because the more you like the act, the more you will be willing to write more.

Read books about famous authors or overachieving students, as they inspire you to work harder.

However, sometimes things take an emergency turn, and you have to submit an essay in a week. That is certainly not enough time to make you somewhat of a pro essay writer. So take this last-minute anticipation as your final wake-up call to build good writing habits.

For now, you can simply take help from the experts to do my homework.

Don’t Stop Writing!

Practicing every day is the only way you can sharpen a skill and turn it into a habit. So, keep writing, if not every day, then at least every alternate day. Yes, you will hate your first draft, and sometimes your writing will look like absolute trash.

But persistence is the key to survival. Writing habits are not easy to perfect but do not be too hard on yourself. Understand that some of the best essay writing strategies are built by writers who were once novices too.

So, start practicing right away because if you keep searching through blogs after blogs, collecting data, that ‘I will start tomorrow’ will never come.

All the best!


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