Create Screen-Free Zones to Help Your Kids Unplug

Though technology has improved the quality of life, it has also brought plenty of challenges for parents and kids alike. Screens are so addictive that almost all parents struggle to help kids unplug and enjoy the true beauty of life. An easy solution to this problem is creating screen-free zones in the house. Parents can also use a screen limit app like FamilyTime to fortify their efforts since helping kids unplug from digital devices has become the need of the hour.

The Need to Unplug

Excessive screen time leads to a myriad of health issues for kids. In addition to affecting their attention span and learning abilities, it leads to sleep deprivation, lack of spatial awareness, depression, anxiety, poor social skills, etc. The list goes on!

However, eliminating technology entirely from kids’ lives is unrealistic and unhelpful. Instead, parents must help kids maintain healthy and productive relationships with technology and digital devices. That said, creating screen-free zones is a step in the right direction.

Creating Screen-Free Zones

Though you can find several creative ways to design screen-free zones in your homes, here are 5 tips to help you get started.

1. Set House Rules

Setting house rules is crucial to preserving the sanctity of screen-free zones in your home. For instance, parents can establish rules like no phones allowed:

  • On the dinner table
  • Inside bedrooms
  • While driving/sitting in the car
  • At family events, etc.

Parents can craft a shared digital zone in the house where everyone can get their share of screen time. For instance, you can curate a space in the living room with a computer table, charging station for devices, video gaming equipment, etc. A shared digital zone helps parents keep an eye on their kids’ activities.

2. Encourage Screen-Free Activities

Since digital devices and screens are fun and engaging, it becomes difficult for kids to put them down. That is why, they often need a nudge out the door to engage in screen-free activities. Parents can encourage their kids to jot down a few options, like planting a mini garden, trying a new recipe, building a fort with couch cushions, playing board games, etc. Many kids do not realize that boredom can help unlock their world of imagination. When kids get bored, they often come up with creative ways to keep themselves entertained. It broadens their horizons and thinking capacity.

3. Try A Summer Camp

Parents can try multiple screen-free zones. How so? Encourage kids to try a summer camp where no digital devices are allowed. That way, they can explore the natural world with their peers and learn about the life that exists outside their screens. Screen-free activities at a summer camp can also help kids improve their social skills as they don’t get to spend their time playing video games.

4. Limit Video Games

In addition to social media apps like Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, etc., screens are alluring because they offer super-fun video games. Parents must find a way to limit their kids’ video games if they want to diminish the attraction of screens for their kids.

One way to do so is by using a screen limit app like FamilyTime. It offers features like App Blocker and Screen Time Schedule that can help limit your kids’ gameplay and block inappropriate apps. Kids may display bouts of resentment in the beginning, but it will teach them self-control.

5. Define Screen Limits

The sole purpose of creating screen-free zones is to lessen kids’ dependence on screens. Defining limits on how much screen time kids can have in a day helps parents teach them vital life skills, such as prioritizing essential tasks, eliminating distractions, self-discipline, following routines, etc.

Screen limit apps, such as FamilyTime App, play a pivotal role in setting screen limits for kids. Its Screen Time Limit feature allows parents to set specific screen-time durations for their kids. It is significantly more effective than other methods because kids cannot bypass FamilyTime’s security to use their devices behind their parents’ backs.

With all these tips combined, parents can help their kids unplug and reduce their tech dependence. Try the digital detox together and enable your kids to lead healthy and balanced life!


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