Why Social Skills Are Important To Learn For Your Children?

Social skills are the soft skills through which we can communicate with each other and maintain fruitful relationships with our employees, colleagues, or our contacts in society.

There are many benefits to developing good social skills, such as working effectively as a team on a project, effectively sharing your perspective, expanding the professional network, gaining valuable feedback and referrals, successfully communicating with our co-workers, and more.

In this article, we will learn about important social skills, the importance of social skills in society, and the benefits of developing social skills in children.

What are social skills?

Social skills are the skills that are used to communicate and interact with each other through gestures, body language, verbal, and appearance. To communicate with one another, we need a verbal language or a gesture through which we can communicate our feelings and our thinking.

Social skills must be developed in the right way for everyone to be well-represented in society. Even developing strong social skills can help to grow in career performance and achieve our goals.

Some of the common ways of social skills are language, the tone, pitch, and volume of our voice, physical gestures, facial expressions, body language, and eye contact.

The Important social skills that must be taught to kids:

Sharing: Kids must be taught a good habit of sharing and must be appreciated. It might be difficult for children to share as they focus on their needs and desires but developing social skills in children helps them in friendships.

Listening: Listening is an important skill that must be developed by rapidly answering some questions and understanding your sentences and gestures.

Respecting boundaries: Kids must have their boundaries. They must be taught the difference between right and wrong. They must have a habit of asking for permission to do something.

Positivity: Positivity must be generated in kids. It will help them in further life to normalize their work, stress, relationships, patience, listening, and sharing.

Age stages of social skills in your children:

The development of social skills varies with age stages.

Two to three aged:

At this age, kids can seek attention, develop social contact with others, copy other kids, and can show their anger and laughter through their daily activities.

Three to five aged:

At this age, kids start playing and can direct some requests like stop and are most prone to chatting.

Five to seven age:

At this age, kids can say words like sorry, please, and thank you. Here they begin to learn some frequent phrases and understand good sportsmanship.

According to SureJob, some crucial social skills to develop in kids are sharing, listening, following directions, corporation, patience, empathy, respecting boundaries, and positivity.

Benefits of developing social skills in your children:

1. Active community member:

Being an active community member and developing social skills in children is very important for making them active community members. They must learn how to mix with older people, understand the local area, and how to contribute to building social skills.

Under these, children learn to develop relationships with others, learn to make friends, form positive relationships, and build confidence, empathy, and conflict resolution.

2. Better education and career:

Researchers have proved that children who have developed good social skills of sharing, listening, and cooperating at the age of five and more will likely have good educational and career opportunities.

It has been approved by the study researchers that those children would be employed full-time at the early age of 25. Developing these skills will allow kids to enhance their knowledge of a specific subject or topic from their schools and develop their interest. With the help of this gained knowledge, they would be able to have a good career path and step up early using all their skills and representation value.

3. Success in life:

Developing good social skills will help the kids to make a brighter future. Kids with the social skills developed at the early age of five would be able to have a better education and career outputs. They would be able to get good employment at an early age.

A study has proved that these kids will develop good social and emotional skills and hence can have a success rate in early adulthood.

4. Strong relationships:

Kids having strong social skills can easily get along with their co-workers and peers to make friends. The study has proved that childhood friendships are good for kids’ mental health.

Friendship gives children to practice more advanced social skills like problem solving and conflict resolving.

Children who are not having good friendships in their childhood would be likely to have a lot of stress and aggression and are likely to have bad mental health.

So childhood friendship is very important for kids to maintain good mental health and a good relationship in society. Friendship can teach them to communicate effectively with each other.

Some directions to follow for teaching your kids social skills are:

1. We should not give kids more than one direction at one time. For example- asking them to do 2 or 3 tasks at one time should be avoided.

2. We should not behave impulsively with kids for their mistakes. We should view each mistake and analyze it to sharpen their skills.

3. We should ask kids to work such that they should not have an option to say no. After assigning any task to the kids, we should ask our kids to repeat what we had said. It will improve their communication and listening skills.


In this article, we will learn about social skills and their importance. Social skills play a vital role in each and everyone’s life. You would also learn about how to teach kids skills and what must be avoided, which could prove as an obstacle in their learning.


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