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Great Spanish-Learning Games to Play With Your Child

Teaching your child a new language can be a challenging task. But children can learn a language faster if provided with fun activities and games related to the target language. If you want to teach your child how to speak Spanish, then learning through games can be effective.

For a better learning experience, you can also find native speakers or tutors for your child to learn Spanish. UpSkillsTutor is a reliable platform to find tutors for learning anything. Your children can learn Spanish with UpSkillsTutor much faster than any other method.

Here are five interesting online games to play with your child to learn Spanish.

1.  Rockalingua:

This game mixes two things children like music and games in Spanish to provide a fun learning experience. It contains all the basic Spanish vocabulary so children can listen to the words and learn Spanish through music. Every game has a different topic, including verbs, colors, feelings, etc.

They also offer encouragement to children during the game to keep the young children engaged. The songs on this platform are free, and other paid subscriptions are also provided.

2.  Spanish Word Toss:

If you want to teach your children Spanish from the very basics of the language, then the Spanish Word Toss is an excellent option. Children must read the word on the screen and pop the balloon with the correct translation. The correct answers will earn you more points; otherwise, you will start losing points.

3.  Spanish In Flow:

Want your child to learn new Spanish vocabulary or review the previous one, this game called Spanish in Flow will be beneficial. It has three different speeds to choose from according to your level. They teach by learning to recognize the words through the correct picture in the other half. Making any mistakes will lose points, and it will be reduced to zero.


With a topic-based approach to learning Spanish, this website contains a lot of different games. These are basic games that allow children to pick up some new vocabulary about the Spanish language. It also has the feature for quickfire questions to improve the memory recall for words. It also has three levels for children of different age groups.

5.  The Dialogue Game:

Practicing the dialogue and structure of any language is crucial for learning the basics of any language. This game lets children choose between two basic categories, grammar, and conversation, to concentrate on that aspect of the language.

After that, the game provides an audio recording of two people conversing in Spanish. This conversation approach to Spanish is pretty outdated, but it can be crucial for children to gain new knowledge about the language.

You can easily access any of these Spanish learning games to teach your children Spanish in a fun way. These are quick and easy games with all the basic vocabulary of the language. Instead of learning from heavy books, children learn faster with games.


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