Things to Keep in Mind When Creating Your Kid’s Room

A child is creative, curious, and playful. As they grow up, they require a room of their own to sleep independently, study, play, and explore their curiosities. A well-thought-of room assists the child’s development during their growing years by boosting their gross motor skills and embracing their creativity.

This emphasizes creating the room of their dreams where they can grow up and enjoy. Here are a few things that you must keep in mind before curating the dream space.

1. Appearance

It is necessary to have a theme to set up the room as it works to bind the entire room together. For example, if your child is a fan of unicorns, using shades of pink and purple for the room and also including unicorn-themed furniture will make them love their new room!

The theme will also help you choose the perfect color palate. Ensure that the colors chosen aren’t too bright or dull. You can also search or take guidance from an interior designer to assist you with matching and clashing shades.

To get this customized room done for your kids, you need to talk to them first about their favorite characters or even colors. However, if you are thinking long-term your children aren’t always going to enjoy a certain character. In that case, you can opt for a normal color palate and add a customizable element.

For example, you can keep the room blue and customize the bed with bed sheets or add photo frames once your child grows up and doesn’t have the same interests. This will also save a lot on future customization costs.

2. Furniture

Furniture is the essence of a room. After you have selected the theme, you can look around for furniture. Kids furniture includes a shelf, a study table, a cupboard, and a bed. It is best to use natural wood, plywood, or MDF for the room with good quality work.

It is important to closely observe the furniture before buying and assess its quality. You also need to check on the certificates for the products to ensure that it offers the necessary comfort for the normal development of children.

3. Economical

It is impossible to keep pace with a growing child as their body is changing continuously. This means that for their room, you must make choices that save long-term costs.

One of these includes investing in high-quality kids furniture. While you may have to change your child’s bed as they grow, the study table, closet, and shelves will remain the same. Make sure you invest in the best quality that gives the elements a longer life.

Moreover, you can make wise choices like making a bigger bed once they outgrow their cot. This way, they will be able to sleep in it comfortably, for more years.

You also need to be wise in choosing the theme. While a five-year-old would enjoy a unicorn bed, a twelve-year-old might not.

It is best to be practical and not spend heavy amounts on things your child is not likely to use or has a better, long term alternative.

4. Safety

A child is prone to exploring and being curious about almost everything around them. While they have a room to themselves, it is important to maintain utmost safety. You can do so by ensuring the following:

  • Curved edges of furniture, not sharp or using a corner guard.
  • Not keeping any toys or things that could be swallowed by them.
  • Check non-toxic certification for furniture.
  • Avoid folding furniture to avoid injuries caused by pinching.
  • Add a safety hinge on the door.
  • Avoid anything in the middle of the room as it may lead to the child toppling.

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5. Fun Space

While there are a number of things to keep in mind to give your child a safe and wholesome room, you must also remember to let them have the fun a child needs. A burst of colors will add playfulness to the room. Not to forget lots of stuff toys that your child can play with and also decorate their bed with.

Moreover, if your child enjoys reading, you can have a small shelf dedicated to children’s books and let them have fun. Adding crayons, paints and a white board to the study table will be their canvas for showcasing their ideas. You can also add a play couch for them to sit on and play with their toys.

A fun space will make their childhood memorable and full of activities and joy!

Let children be children and let them explore their life through their creativity, independence and ever playful nature. Keeping the above list of things in mind, you will certainly create a beautiful, safe and enjoyable room for your child!


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