How To Increase Your Clicking Speed With The Help Of An Online Tool?

Today technology plays an essential role in our daily life whether in gaming or in work. But good gaming is only possible with good clicking speed. In this blog post we will discuss how to speed up clicking speed by using online tools like cps tester or some techniques.

Cps Tester:

Cps tester is an online tool that is very helpful in increasing your clicking speed. Click speed test is the tool that helps you to measure the number of clicks within a time frame like 1 second test, 5 second test 10, 15, 20 and 30 second test. You can increase your clicking speed by practicing on the cps tester tool. The average clicks in one second clicking speed test is approximately 6.81 cps. Cps test is helpful for gaming while it is also helpful to speed up your clicking speed on your mouse. For better speed in this cps test you need to use a mouse instead of the touchpad of your laptop.

You can also use various techniques to increase your clicking speed like Jitter Clicking, Butterfly Clicking and Drag Clicking.

Jitter Clicking:

Jitter click technique is used by professional gamers. In this technique you perform clicks with whole arm strength. Jitter clicking is safe in the clicking range between 9-15 clicks per second. It can hurt your arm, hand, wrist and fingers if you cross your clicking limits. Jitter clicking technique helps to increase your clicks speed to perform like a pro in games especially when you are playing against other players. You need to use a mouse which fits well in your hand for better jitter clicking.

Butterfly Clicking:

Butterfly clicking is another technique to increase your clicking speed. Butterfly clicking is performed by two fingers, mainly the index and the middle finger and you have to slam both of your fingers alternately on the LMB (left mouse button) at a steady speed. Butterfly clicking can speed up your clicking speed upto 16cps. Which is ideal for minecraft PVP. In minecraft PVP games it is important to hit your target as fast as you can. If your opponent is playing at 6-7 cps and you are playing at 16-17 cps by using butterfly technique then you have an edge.

Drag Clicking:

Drag clicking only takes one motion of your finger to create a multitude of clicks, and you will not feel any pressure or stress after doing this. Drag clicking is terrible for the mouse, it shortens the mouse life span. Drag clicking works due to friction between your fingers and the mouse button. Drag clicking causes friction to continuously push the mouse button because it will instantly rebound after being depressed. The repetition of the entire process makes drag clicking.

Use a Mouse; Not the Trackpad:

If you want a good clicking speed then you need to use a mouse instead of the touchpad of your laptop. A mouse is helpful in fast clicking as compared to the trackpad of the laptop. You can click well with a mouse because of your hand position and clicking science. It is better if you use a gaming mouse.

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Final Words:

Online tools like cps test and various techniques help you to increase your click speed. You know “practice makes a man perfect” So, you need practice daily on an online cps tester tool by playing various tests like 1 second 5 second and others. These techniques will also be very useful for your clicking speed in gaming. So, you need to choose one technique and set your hand on that technique for good speed.

However, if you’re motivated enough, you can accomplish it quickly. Practice with any grip or mouse is one of the best ways to quicken your reflexes. Practice continuously till you improve! You’re only a few attempts away from your ideal score!


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