6 Amazing Kids Room Wall Decor Ideas to Brighten Up Any Space

Are you looking for some fantastic ideas to brighten your kids’ rooms? Well, looks like you have to come to the right place! In this article, we will explore a few of the best ways to decorate spaces for your little ones that can help keep them cheerful and happy at all times. A suitable theme for the decor is also essential for their cognitive development and mental peace.

But unlike living rooms and adult bedrooms, children’s rooms require extra attention. And many parents are confused about where to start!

Well, the best place to start is the wall. They are the center of attraction in any room and provide a large canvas to explore creativity. Plus, the artwork on the wall will immediately elevate the overall look of your kid’s room.

So let’s move on to discuss the most creative kids’ room wall decor ideas that will leave your little ones jaw-dropped!

1.  Glow in The Dark

The trend of glow-in-the-dark wall decor stickers started with a classic theme of the moon and stars representing the night. However, today, you can find it in different animal shapes, fictional characters, constellations, and colors. This transformation from bland to a moderately-lit room that helps your kids sleep better can become an instant favorite.

Talk to your kids about their favorite characters and where they would like to see them at night. Let them choose from various themes available and arrange artistically to create a striking transition in any room – without being too hard on the eyes.

2.  Space Themed

Kids have really creative minds that can navigate from exploring their homes to the wonders of this world. Take their curiosity to the next level by allowing them to explore things beyond the Earth and encourage their learning.

Space-themed wall decor features universal existences like the Milky Way, our Solar System, astronauts, shuttles, etc. Creating such spaces allows kids’ imaginations to run wild and soar through galaxies as they lay in bed at night wondering how it all works.

Who knows, your little one might be the one making history with this little piece of motivation. Although possible to paint, most parents prefer using space-themed posters and other forms of wall art to achieve the desired look.

3.  Floral Finish

Kids, especially girls, love flowers. While being attractive, they add a sense of elegance and delicacy to any room. Moreover, flowers are a great way to add colors to your kids’ space.

From roses and sunflowers to cherry blossoms and carnations, there are so many options to choose from. The best thing about floral wall decor is that you can go from anything pastel-hued like baby pink and white to more striking colors like red and yellow. Just throw in a combination of colors to set the mood.

Floral wall decor is relatively timeless, and your kid might never outgrow its elegance. The best way to make it look attractive is by using top-quality paint. There are wall stickers available in the market as well, but they might not deliver the color combination that custom paint can.

4.  Photographs

Displaying framed photos on the walls is a standard norm around many houses. Besides creating aesthetic charm, they also highlight your cherished memories.

In the same way, you can use the walls of your little one’s room to display their milestones. From their first step to their fifth birthday party or even their graduation, there are many occasions you can capture in photos.

Get these photos printed and converted into frames or canvas. Hang them on the walls or arrange them on bookshelves to create a haven that the kids can enjoy every day. You can even utilize stock photos from reputable sites.

5.  Quotes and Favorite Characters

Children’s favorite TV shows, cartoons, and fictional characters can also be considered for their room decor. Characters closest to their hearts provide the motivation they need to get up early in the morning and go to school with enthusiasm.

Besides this, you can also choose quotes from inspiring personalities like scientists, world leaders, and Nobel prize winners for decorating the walls. Such quotes provide the needed boost if you are trying to bring your kid towards reading. From walls to study desks, these quotes look amazing anywhere.

6.  The World Map

This world is a diverse place with so much to explore. A great way to motivate your kid and enhance their knowledge is by using the world map as wall decor.

You don’t need an intricate and challenging world map to get things started. Depending on the age of your little one, go with something simple, cheerful, and colorful to boost their interest in what the world is all about. There are different maps explicitly designed for kids that you would want them to see.


Creating unique spaces for children by choosing the best kids’ room wall decor may seem to be a daunting task at first due to the many choices out there. However, with the fresh and fabulous ideas shortlisted in our quick guide, you will be able to bring life to boring walls in your little ones’ rooms in no time! Which fun decorating theme would your child love on their room’s walls?


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