5 Ways to Make Your Kid a Better Student

Children’s education is one of the priorities for the parents. Having a child go to a renowned school and make great achievements is usually the dream. However, for many kids, that dream can become a reality, if parents offer them the needed guidance. There’s only so much teachers can do to motivate the kids and keep them on the right track. Parents are also semi-responsible for their children’s academic achievements because they can offer invaluable support and motivation for the kids. How? Keep on reading to find out.

Show Interest In Their Schoolwork

Children will always want to impress their parents with how well they do in school. That’s why you’ll want to show as much interest in your kid’s education as possible. Having conversations after school about the way they spent their day, things they’ve learnt and done at school should be every parent’s after-school task. Have them tell you about any learning difficulties they may be facing, rather than hearing about them from the teacher when it’s already too late to solve the problem quickly.

Help Them Organise Their Tasks

The organisation is the key to success. However, not every student has organisational skills in their blood. So, that’s where parents step in and make kids’ education less of a hassle. One of the ways to make your kid a better student is to teach them that homework comes first after they come home from school. There will be plenty of time for fun and leisure once they have revised their lessons and done their homework. They will memorise the new lesson much quicker if they revise it while it’s still fresh and do their homework immediately after. It will build a strong foundation for their college education when the lessons are longer and require more time to revise and learn.

Teach Them About The Importance Of Attendance

Going to school is many kids’ nightmare. Some of them don’t like the teachers, the peers or the idea of school altogether, so they will tend to fuss about getting up and going to class every day. However, even when they try to fake a stomach ache or headache, you need to offer strong evidence that school is important. One of those is the fact that if they miss out on classes, they will fall behind the syllabus and risk getting low grades. Also, make sure you point out that attendance allows them to learn better because teachers tend to tell more than the books have to offer, so it’s imperative that they take notes regularly. Later, when they’re in college, they can contribute to online notes and materials that many universities, such as King’s College in London, publish. For instance, KCL material and similar notes that King’s College students create and submit online for each other can come in very handy during exam preparation. Help your kid learn how to take good notes and potentially contribute to their peers in the future.

Don’t Do Their Tasks For Them

While helping a child out is okay, it’s only recommended to a certain degree. There’s a fine line between assisting them and doing their homework for them. So, when you feel the need to help your child, do so in moderation. Allows them to invest some effort and creativity into their work. You can be there to offer guidance and help them find the solution. Don’t patronise them and don’t do their work for them because that will not teach them responsibility.

Encourage Them To Read More Books

Reading mandatory books for school doesn’t have to be a hassle. If you instil love towards literature at a young age, your child will enjoy reading even when school doesn’t require it. Books hide some of the greatest wisdom of the world, so encourage your kid to read for fun. Introduce them to novels, poems, graphic novels and short stories for their age to slowly start building the reading material for their teen years and college.

Final Thoughts

Parents usually rely on the school to educate their kids. However, precisely parents must be involved in their child’s education almost as much as the teachers, to make your kid a better student. So, when the time comes, be there for your kid, encourage them to read more, help them become more organised and responsible so they can be the best student of their generation.


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