Physical Activity Tips For Kids: 6 Ways To Encourage Them

Parents must actively encourage their kids to be active and lead healthy lifestyles. There are many ways to encourage your kids to get active. You could get involved in sports or make it part of a family tradition. To keep kids engaged, you must search for the most appropriate activities. This article provides tips on how parents can encourage their children with proper guidance based on age and activity habits.

1. Plan Outdoor Activities Together

One of the best ways to keep your children active is by planning outdoor activities together. You could take a walk in a park or visit an amusement park. You can also go camping, fishing, and hiking as these are great ways to enjoy nature and spend quality time with your family.

It is essential to include a subscription box for outdoor activities for kids. Choose thebest outdoor monthly subscription boxes for kids. Subscription boxes are critical in providing resources and playing gear for kids.

Planning outdoor activities together entails having a timetable and a clear plan. A schedule is critical in designing appropriate activities at the right time. The kids also have enough time to study, clean, and play.

2. Find Something They Like

If you find something your child is passionate about, it will be easier for them to stay active. For example, if they love playing basketball, encourage them to join a local league or club where they can meet other people who share their passion and make new friends.

You can also accompany them to the field and show support. The kids will love seeing a parent cheering them up in the stands. Help them learn about their passion. It is essential to help them build the courage to participate in what they do.

3. Be A Good Role Model

If you want your child to be active, you should also be active yourself. You do not have to be a fitness fanatic or marathon runner but try walking more often and playing some sports with them occasionally.  Make sure they have the right gear for any activity they participate in. If your child plans to play rugby or soccer at school, ensure they have the proper equipment before their first practice session.

If you spend time watching while the kids are playing, you will not motivate them to be active. You should adhere to the game’s rules by being a role model. The kids will likely participate when the parents understand what the game entails. You can also make it a family activity.

Encourage your children to participate in activities together as a family. It will give you more time to bond with them and help you understand their needs better. It is also an excellent way for children to learn new skills and build confidence by being part of an active community.

Rewards can also help promote physical activities. When the kid excels in academic work, reward them with gifts to motivate them. Your gift choice should further encourage the kid to accommodate physical activities. Gifting items like bicycles, rollerblades, soccer balls, and ice skates enhance physical activities. As a role model, give yourself a gift whenever you also win as a motivation to the kid.

4. Set Goals

Once you have found an activity that interests your children, set them some goals to achieve. It will help them stay motivated and focused on the task at hand. You can use this time to teach them how to reach their goals by setting deadlines and measuring their progress.

5. Make Time For Each Other

Make time to spend with your children every week. It will help them feel connected to you and show them that you care about their well-being. Whether a stay-at-home parent or working away, you must plan time for the kids. Create a calendar or routine that shows different activities and the time. It is easier to allocate various activities and tasks depending on the schedule.

6. Incorporate Toys

Toys can work well when the kids have indoor activities. When the weather cannot allow the kids to play outside, they have toys to play with inside the house. You can incorporate toys such as an indoor trampoline, punching bags, an adjustable basketball set, and juggling toys. Other familiar indoor toys include jump ropes, table tennis, and balls. Make sure you have toys on your shopping list each time you go shopping.

Many parents habitually leave their children on phones and televisions as entertainment. It is more common among parents who work. They can incorporate toys to limit their kid’s screen time. Spending time on TV or mobile phones restricts the time children engage in physical activities. It is unhealthy. Replacing screen time with physical activities enables the kids to be active.


Physical activities help kids in their physical growth. The activities are also essential for the kid’s development and health. As a parent, plan outdoor activities and be a role model for the kids. The kids will likely follow in your footsteps. You can also look at what the kids are passionate about and encourage them to be active. Set goals for the kids and motivate them. Finally, make time for the kids.


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