5 Best Sports Your Child Can Do At Home

Being stuck at home during a pandemic with kids can be tough. There’ll be plenty of time for bonding and experiences to enjoy with your kids.

While keeping your kids mentally stimulated is essential, it’s also important for kids to stay busy and get fresh air.

Here are the 5 best sports your child can do at home.

Table Tennis

You don’t need a proper table tennis table to play this sport. As long as you have a long enough table and paddles and a ball, you can enjoy playing table tennis—or ping pong—with your kids!

Table tennis is an excellent sport for bonding. Two to four people can play at a time, and it’s also easy to play indoors when the weather is bad.

It’s a good way for your kids to develop hand-eye coordination. It’s also a wonderful way to teach your kids good sportsmanship as they’ll be playing against an opponent and not just by themselves.

Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is an excellent activity to keep your child both physically fit and mentally stimulated. It’s also very easy to find a jump rope at most general stores. They’re portable and light, making this a sport that your child can do almost anywhere.

It’s a great cardiovascular exercise, which will help your child develop healthy physical habits from a young age. One of the exciting things about jumping rope is that it’s a good way to develop your kid’s coordination, as it requires the hands and feet moving at the same time.

There are plenty of fun tricks to learn—like criss-cross and double-unders—that will keep your child busy for ages.

Indoor Golf

Indoor golf is a fun activity for the whole family. All you really need is enough space and a large net to catch the ball when your child hits it. This game can be set up indoors or outdoors.

You’ll also need golf clubs that are the right size for your kid. It may require a bit of an investment to set up, but if there’s a love for the sport and you’ll be using it often, it’s worthwhile.

You can play as a family or your child can play alone. Swinging the clubs is also an excellent way to develop good hand-eye coordination.


If your kid likes a challenge, skateboarding could be a fun sport for them. You’ll need to get them the right size skateboard, a helmet and other protective gear. You should also have a large smooth surface for them to skate on, with no hazards.

There are also many tricks your kid can learn on a skateboard, making it a progressive sport that they can see constant improvement in. This keeps them motivated and excited for doing it!


If you have a swimming pool, encouraging your kid to swim regularly can keep them fit and get them out of the house without having to even go far.

If they can’t swim yet, investing in a pair of water wings can help them get used to being in the water without feeling out of control.

It’s a good idea to be in the pool with your kid until they can swim confidently and understand pool safety.

Swimming is an excellent way to develop cardiovascular strength and build muscle without impact on the joints.


Being stuck at home doesn’t mean your kid can’t take part in physical activity. You just need to choose the right sports for them.

Other options we didn’t mention above include dance (perfect for hyperactive kids and can be done indoors), trampolining (best for older kids who can jump responsibly) and Wii sports, which can be a fun way to stay active when being outdoors isn’t possible!

Author Bio: Jordan Fuller is passionate about playing, coaching, and mentoring the sport of golf. You can browse through his advice, tips, and tricks at Golf Influence.


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