7 Energy Busting Indoor Activities For Kids

Wondering about how your kids will spend their leisure time at home?

Most parents are always looking for some innovative and energetic activities for their kids to keep them busy at home. So, here we bring you some of the most engaging recreational games for your kids who are stuck all day at home. These games are especially fun and exciting for toddlers, adolescents, and young teenagers as these will help to boost their energy and also stimulate their minds.

Let’s begin with the list of boredom buster that will drive them to remain active at home all day long:

1. The trending tape Games

An easy roll of low-adhesive Painter’s tape is the recent most trending companion for your kid. Try out these taping techniques and plans for your kids to exercise their creativity completely in an innovative way.

Draw an imaginary shape with the tape on the floor to let your child figure it out. Or you can reverse and let them create images and ideas with these sticky tapes on the floors and walls and you try guessing what’s in their mind.

Or you can innovatively use the tapes as a direction guide. For instance, create a mini-adventure route all around the home with a creeping bear crawling out at the end of the spot.

This shape tape game helps your child to remain active and provides them with the knowledge of different shapes, alphabets, and numbers. The best part is that this will prevent them from drawing and painting the walls which is one of the biggest issues parents of toddlers have to face.

2. Balloon Games

Have you ever wondered about your child getting a balloon and being mesmerized by it?

Balloons are our favorite childhood memories that are all about fun, enjoying, and being happy. Balloons can be used in many creative ways to use playtime activities.

From filling the entire ceilings with helium balloons to learning to practice target shooting with balloons and play guns or even filling bounce houses with balloons to add a bit more fun element.

3. Funny/ Silly Motion Games

These funny/ silly games are so exciting that they will even drive you to want to play them. You can use the painter’s tape to create a structure of the spider web on the entrance of the doorway. Provide your kids with newspaper to crunch up and thrust up at the spider web. 

You can even allow them to use any lightweight objects such as balloons, legos, etc. Let them count the number of items getting attached on the sticky tape surface and how many are falling off.

A simple trick game that will keep them occupied the whole day while helping them learn to count as well.

4. Treasure Hunts

Allow your kids to discover their talents creatively using treasure hunt games. There are many ready to use treasure hunt game sets available in the market based on the age group that you can use.  Or you can create your own innovative treasure hunt map by using puzzles, mystery quotes, and random googlies.

These games not just make staying at home more fun but also helps in mental stimulation and increasing the aptitude abilities of the child. To make the games more fun and interesting, you can always add surprises and gifts for solving each quiz or puzzles.

5. Maze + Obstacle Course

It is a very innovative technique to help create your kids improve their creative sense, strategic skill-building, and intelligence quotient. Challenge them to create their own DIY maze that will not only keep them busy and calm but also helps in enhancing their mental capabilities.

You can always use crepe paper to form a complex maze in the hallway floor for letting your child map out the route and crawl through the complex designs using their bodies and mind.

Or you can even place the tape between hall passages and alleys in form of laser beams just like in high octane action movies and challenge your kid to maneuver through the endless plethora of tapes to cross the hallway successfully. Adding obstacles midway through these laser beam routes makes it more fun and time consuming for sure.

6. The Garage Project

Garages are no more just about storage and cars. If you do have a garage or a car shed, there is no better use of it than making it a kid’s play zone. It is large, it is safe and it’s definitely outdoor, in case your kids want to hand out in the open.

However, to add a bit of excitement, give them a project to do in return for giving them such a large play area. From letting them clean up the storage to painting it or even giving it a makeover, there are tonnes of choices.

7. Bring a Bounce House home

This is perhaps the most exciting activity of them all. If you have a large garden or lawn, there is no other better choice than getting a bounce house. Exhilarating, fun, and definitely something that kids will never get tired of playing in is how one can describe a Bounce House as.

Some of the best Bounce House have unique designs in form of Mansions with passageways or pool attachments to slide into etc. in fact rather than renting a bounce house, it’s best to purchase one as its way more economical for the long run.

We hope the list of these seven best energy busting activities will not just improve their physical and cognitive abilities but also help them not get bored and cranky that easily. A happy childhood goes a long way in creating a good allrounder of the future.


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