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How to Help Your Kids with Learning a Foreign Language Online if You Don’t Know It?

Your child’s desire to learn a foreign language certainly deserves praise and support. However, what if you don’t know this language and cannot help your child with his studies? You will be surprised, but sometimes knowledge is not the key thing that you can give your child. What is more, you can always start learning a new language with your kid and actively participate in the learning process. Here’s what you can do together.

Top 6 Tips to Help Your Child Learn a Foreign Language You Don’t Know

If you are ready to start helping your child but do not know how to do it, then you will find the answers further. You will be surprised at how simple it really is.

Motivate Yourself First

Not all parents decide to support their children in the issues that they do not understand. Often this approach can be difficult for a child in learning a foreign language. Parents do not provide help, relying on the fact that they do not understand anything about this and the child remains on his own with his difficulties.

Therefore, the first thing every parent needs to do is recharge for success and let the child know that you will try to do your best to help. When the child has this understanding, it will already be easier for him, since he will know that he has support.

Start Learning Language Together

There are two ways to start learning a foreign language when you are an adult. Someone is really willing to attend language courses to learn the language and then help the child. If this option does not suit you at all, then there is another equally effective option. Ask your child to teach you the language. It will be a kind of game that will only help your child learn the language better.

Also, ask your child’s teacher to spell out foreign words in your native language. This will make it easier for you to understand the correct pronunciation and to notice the mistakes your child makes.

Search for Educational Games and Cartoons\Movies

Today there are a lot of interesting online studying and language preparation games that will help your child learn the language better. Consult with a teacher about this to find really effective games and apps.

Regardless of age, you can find interesting cartoons or films for your child. Even if your child is in the early stages of learning a language, cartoons or films will still be useful. There is no need even for subtitles, children are very good at unconsciously memorizing information.

Regular viewing will build up your child’s vocabulary and the speech will turn on an unconscious level even if he is just in the initial stages of language learning. But after a time of the study, all these fragments will suddenly come out and your child will very quickly begin to move forward in the study.

Here are some tips for watching movies/cartoons:

  • Select those films or cartoons that your child has already seen and he likes.
  • Arrange a family viewing, as then the child will perceive this process not as learning, but as family entertainment.
  • Try to make such views regular and help your child choose films.

Play Any Free Minute

To help your kid learn a foreign language, you may play quizzes at any free time and in any environment. For example, you are in the kitchen, ask your child how the fork will be in a foreign language, and then sort out other items.

If your child does not know the answer, then look at the answer in the translator together. This game can be played anywhere, whether you are in the house or on the street. Try to make this play regular. There are no age restrictions for this game, so it is perfect for both kids and teenagers.

Create Flashcards Together

You probably know that flashcards are a good strategy for learning everything. Talk to your child about what topic he will be studying this week. With the help of a dictionary and a translator, create such cards and monitor the progress of the child over counting the memorized words.

If there are some difficulties, you may help your child even more. Just turn on your imagination and help your child remember the words using associations. Perhaps this foreign word is similar to some word from your native language so think about the ways to memorize it with the help of associations.

Over time, the child will be able to use this technique himself to memorize new words. By the way, you can create not only vocabulary cards but also associative ones, so that complex words are memorized faster. Also, you may seek help on the Writing Judge custom writing services reviews platform if your child has difficulties with assignments in a foreign language or you need to translate a piece of text for yourself.

Buy Interesting Foreign Books/Journals

Today it is not at all difficult to find an interesting book in a foreign language. Make it a rule to regularly buy new books or journals for your child. Give preference to such books that are written in simple language, and at the very beginning of the study, books with 50 to 50 pictures and text are ideal.

When choosing books, rely on what genre of literature your child likes. By the way, you can choose a book that the child has already read in his native language. Sometimes, books may come with audio, which is a good option. Especially when you don’t know a foreign language and cannot read books to your child. You can listen to several pages with your child and then ask the kid to read these pages out loud and start translating together.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, helping your child learn a foreign language when you don’t know it is not such a difficult task. The main thing is that you have a desire, and your child has a feeling of support. This whole process can be a good pastime that will only strengthen your relationship.


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