How to Get Your Child Into the Habit of Writing a Diary

We all had personal diaries when we were kids. We were pretending that no one understands us and no one can help us. So we expressed all our impressions, difficult situations, worries, and sadness in our writings. That is a good way to relieve and decrease the stress you go through during the day, especially if you are not willing to share your feelings with anybody else. Later, we could re-read our notes and look at situations from other sides and get some useful life lessons from them. 

Writing a diary will never become a stale activity, as this is a kind of meditation for kids. In this article, we would like to take a closer look at what benefits writing a diary can bring into the lives of your children and how you can teach them to write a diary.

Advantages of writing a diary for children

Writing a diary enhances writing skills

Writing a diary on a daily basis entails using different words and phrases to express your thoughts and feelings. Therefore, it is a great method for kids to practice and sharpen their writing skills. After some months of practice, they will know what mistakes they commonly make and can learn to avoid them in the future, which is useful not for their personal diaries but also for school education. As a parent, you can ask if you could read some parts of the diary together just for the purpose of checking the grammar and fixing errors to teach your kids writing rules.

Improves communicative skills and ability to express the opinion

By regularly making notes in personal diaries, children always expand their vocabulary. They might watch a show, listen to music, read a book and take useful tips for their personal writings. A diary is an excellent practice to apply all their communicative and writing knowledge like in the reviews of custom writing service Trust My Paper and read it several times to know what their thoughts look like from the side. Spending time writing a diary and expressing their inner thoughts and worries has a great impact on the way kids will express their public opinion and the way they will be understood by society.

Develops creativity

When writing a personal diary, kids have no limits and restraints. They can write about everything in the world they want, and pick any writing style, text structure, expressions, and language. Having no borders makes them feel confident in their writing skills and knowledge and enables the development of creative thinking. There is no person that they should compare themselves with, as these are their personal notes. They can add visual objects like stickers and drawings to dilute the text and make the diary look more appealing, foremost for them. This is the way kids find their individuality and uniqueness in writing, learning, and communication.

Improves kids` memory

When studying at school and then in college, children get huge amounts of information they need to learn and memorize in order to apply this knowledge in their future profession. Memory, just like any other skill, also needs to be developed, and writing a diary is a good method. When kids write personal notes in the morning or in the evening, they need to remember everything that happened to them during this or another day, remember what they were feeling, what they were thinking about, and what consequences they made.

How to get a child into the habit of writing a diary?

Before we start discussing the tips, the first recommendation we would like to give is that you need to assure your kids that you as a parent will never read the personal diary of your kids if they do not allow you. They need to feel safe and secure to make writing an enjoyable part of the day. So let’s proceed with the practices that will help you make this a habit for your children.

Talk about the benefits

First of all, you need to talk with your kids. Discuss the benefits of writing a personal diary and tell your experience of doing this when you used to be of the same age. Depending on the character and behaviors of your children, you need to name the descent advantages of writing a diary to make them want to have one.

 For example, you can discuss the benefits of learning the grammar rules that will simplify their education, growing creative thinking, so they could choose any profession like working as a writer for writing service Best Essays Education, and so on. When kids understand the purpose, they will think of starting their own diaries.

Create a space for writing a diary

All kids, despite their age, want to have their own space—a separate room or at least a place where they can relax in silence and be left alone with their thoughts. To enable your kids to start a personal diary, find and furnish the writing place at home.

First of all, it has to be a quiet place where no one will disturb your kids from writing. Secondly, each kid needs to have an individual space where they write their diaries, so they could do it whenever they would love to. And finally, make this space a place where your kids are willing to spend time—buy a cozy chair or sofa, and nice lighting to make it maximum comfortable.

Don’t make kids write forcibly

As you might know, children tend to resist the things and activities parents force them to do. Your kids need to like the time spent writing a diary. You cannot force your kids to write down their personal notes, thoughts, and worries. You can discuss the advantages, you can ask how it is going on and what else they may need to write a diary. But this is definitely not a case where you can make them do what they don’t want to do, as it is not related to their school education. They need to understand the asset of writing a diary for their personal growth and development.

Ending up

Kids are commonly interested in this or that activity if they know the purpose of doing this and the reward they will get from this habit. So along with discussing the advantages of having a personal diary with your kids, you can also think of a reward program to enable your kids to write on a daily basis that will greatly influence their writing, reading, and communicative skills.


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