10 Activities To Improve Kids’ Writing Skills

Writing is an important skill, which is vital not only in study but it also becomes the main way of communication in the digital age. Despite this fact, modern technology and gadgets can be a serious obstacle for today’s children to develop this skill properly.

Parents need to help their children in this matter to avoid various difficulties in the future. Improving your kid’s writing skills may seem complicated to many parents, but in practice, it can be a great pastime that brings effective results. Below you will find 10 activities to do it.

10‌ ‌Activities‌ ‌That Will Help to ‌Improve‌ ‌Kids’‌ ‌Writing‌ ‌Skills‌

Where to start helping your kids improve their writing skills? There are some tips to help your child in a calm and even playful way.

Buy Quality Books

For a child to start writing, you should not forget about the importance of reading. To instill in a child a love of reading, you should carefully approach the choice of literature. Buy books according to your child’s interests. Even at an early age, you can determine what kind of literature your child likes.

Buy books and, if necessary, read books with your child. Firstly, it is a pleasant pastime. Secondly, it will serve as a good example for the child if you are also involved in this process. Without the love of reading, it will be difficult for a child to start writing. So this is the first thing you should start with.

Create a Convenient Place To Write

In order for the child to readily write, it is worth preparing a comfortable workplace for this. Also, explain the rules, according to which the child can write in a comfortable and well-lighted place, using a pencil and paper. Help the kid get used to the fact that such activity is the best in a special place. Therefore, your task is to create a comfortable place to practice.

Consult with your child, take into account their wishes. This will create a place that will make the kid want to write and learn but not vice versa. Also, do not forget about the importance of proper lighting and a comfortable chair so that the child does not have discomfort when spending a long time at the desk.

Play Scrabble

Scrabble is a classic game that has no age restrictions. If the child can read and write, then this game will be an excellent option not only to teach the child and to take an interest in writing but also to have fun with the whole family.

Focus on the age of your child, and depending on this, you can make rules easier and adapt the game to the age. The game develops critical thinking, replenishes vocabulary, and all this happens playfully. Therefore, scrabble is a good option to develop a love for words, which can later become a passion for writing.

Suggest Keeping a Diary

Daily notes can be a good writing habit. For the child to willingly approach this matter, you should be creative in this issue. Telling your child that now they need to make notes in a diary every day is not a good idea. Buy an attractive notebook, colored pens, stickers, and whatever your child might like.

Show how you can keep a journal a couple of times. You can also say that here the kid can record not only the events that happened during the day but also secrets and experiences. Most likely, this approach will interest your child, and keeping a diary will become a habit that will improve writing.

Use the Child’s Interest

Paying attention to your child’s interests can be a great tool to encourage your child to write. Even if your child is interested in sports, buying the appropriate literature will lead the child to read and write without problems in the future.

If the child likes the scene, then you can offer to write scripts for the performance and then perform in the “home” theater. Transform your child’s interest into a tool to improve their writing skills. With a little observation, your time, and the right approach, you can help your child develop in an interesting direction and improve his writing skills.

Use Modern Technology

In the age of digitalization and various gadgets, you should not deprive a child of the opportunity to benefit from this. Most teenagers actively use social media and spend a lot of time communicating in instant messengers. Your task is to show your child how the use of modern technology and social networks can be useful and even bring money.

Propose your child to start a blog online. The child can be interested in possibly popularity and monetization. This will be a good opportunity to combine what the child loves with what is useful. Perhaps after a while, your child will become a professional and join the Best Writers Online, dealing with custom academic writing.

Offer to Write Stories

For the child to enjoy writing, it is worth focusing on creativity. Children and teenagers alike love to fantasize, so writing stories can become your child’s favorite pastime. Help your child in this matter, start creating stories together.

If you notice that your child is interested in such activities, then look for literary contests. You can search both online contests and consult with teachers who are usually knowledgeable about all the relevant activities. Participation in such contests can be a good motivation for your child.

Show the Right Example

If you want your child to willingly engage in useful activities, then for this you need to become an example to follow. The behavior of parents is the most powerful role model example for a child. If you spend all the time on your smartphone and social media, then you should not expect that your child will prefer books over a smartphone.

So, if you want to help your child start writing and reading, then you need to start doing the same activity. Spend at least half an hour reading a book in the evening. The effect will not keep you waiting and after a while you will be able to notice how the child’s behavior will change for the better.

Encourage Writing

To motivate your child, do not forget about motivation. With the right motivation, you can help your child handle challenging tasks easily and enjoyably. For example, at the end of each month of active writing, you can reward your child with some kind of gift. For example, you can buy a new book, invite your kid to visit a cafe or offer something else that your child will like.

Provide a Proper Rest

Perhaps an equally important point in helping your child improve writing is to provide rest. Remember that the child gets tired much faster. Therefore, if they tell you that they do not want to write, then you need to give them time to rest. This will save the mental health of the child and also let them avoid unwillingness to learn. Timely rest is the key to success in any endeavor, and the improvement of writing skills is no exception.

The Bottom Line

Don’t waste time and start helping your child to improve their writing skills. Using these tips can help you spend fun time with your child and help them develop both writing and reading skills, plus creative thinking.

Author Bio: Wanda Lafond is a professional content writer, copywriter, content strategist, and communications consultant. She started young with her writing career from being a high school writer to a university editor, and now she is a writer in professional writing platforms Best Writers Online and Writing Judge — her years of expertise have honed her skills to create compelling and results-driven content every single time.


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