How To Raise A Genius: Tips And Mistakes To Avoid

How many geniuses per capita? Geneticists believe that one in every hundred thousand. And who defined the criteria for genius? Until now, there is no clear definition. How not to overlook the future genius and ensure the worthy development of his talents? How to make sure that the intellect “does not hang without moral support”, and parental ambitions would not become a priority. Do you need to train their memory to raise a genius? As usual, there are a lot of questions, but it is worth thinking about their solution.

How to “move” the child to genius

A child is growing up in a family. Explicit signs of genius have not yet manifested. Or parents have not yet considered them. Is it worth changing the status of “normal” to “talented”, if the child is just good at counting or reading mother’s books at a young age? What if these are the first shoots of genius?

Are there means that can “move” the child to genius? Experts say that there are.

There is a grain of genius in every person. It is important to find it and, having found it, not to ruin it. Setting the right goal is crucial in this case. It is pointless to try to make a writer out of a child who has the obvious markings of a draughtsman. However, do not forget about the spiritual and moral components. After all, parents do not want to get a cyborg, but a fully developed personality. To do this, first of all, you need to have these qualities yourself.

How to raise a child prodigy

What exactly can parents do to help the sprouts of genius breakthrough? How to create conditions so that a talented child does not close himself, and his “shine” is noticeable not only to him.

The informational environment

If you believe in your child and want to organize his development as best as possible, try to provide him with a rich information environment: exhibitions, online resources, theater productions, television programs. They develop speech, spiritual and physical literacy, entertainment programs, intellectual quizzes, movies, animation programs. It is the rich environment that promotes the manifestation of abilities.


Every child has it, but if you do not pay attention to it, then curiosity fades and the child is no longer interested in learning about the world around him.


Start reading with him as early as possible. Approximately from the age of four. Teachers believe that this way children’s interests will emerge more quickly and it will be easier for adults to determine what kind of talent should be developed in a child.


It has to be good. It is possible to wait for the abilities to show up, but not every environment is conducive to development.

Specialists in identifying genius, i.e., educators and psychologists, are convinced that there is a problem directly related to prodigies. There is no social institution in the country where geniuses study. Work with gifted children is carried out both in regular schools and in specialized ones. But unfortunately, the whole system of education is confined to averages. So a flexible system that provides development of gifted children in conditions where they are not bored is desirable, according to teachers.

Hostages of parental ambition

The development of a child’s abilities is a fertile topic. There are two aspects to the question:

  • natural inclinations and brain development;
  • for full development, you need the “right” parents.

At an early age of a child, the ways of learning and development depend on adults. Caring? Yes! Attentive? Yes! Ambitious? Absolutely! Without parental ambition, there will be no active advancement of the child. But, it is important to understand that ambition should not turn into cruelty and tyranny toward children.

And one more important question. The development of abilities – painstaking daily work. Not every talented child becomes a talented adult. True creative ability is not the mastering or assimilation of a certain set of knowledge, even in a university.

True genius ability, according to experts, is the creative generation of new ideas. Therefore, no matter how ambitious mom-dad is, it has nothing to do with the presence of creativity in a child. A young genius, first of all, must like what he does. Don’t forget about child rewards to encourage him to move on.

Parenting mistakes

At the beginning of life, all children are the same (except for those who have some defect in their genes). After that, much depends on the parents. Some raise a child prodigy with wisdom and kindness. Others extinguish the abilities given to them at birth. Why does this happen? Experts believe that parents, raising children, make three main mistakes.

  1. Limit a child’s mobility. The movement develops not only muscles, as it seems at first glance, but also the nervous system, the senses, and thinking. A child who moves a lot overtakes in the mental development of the quiet and lazy.
  2. Little communication with children. The child opens up the world, constantly asking questions: what? where? when? why? how? He solves for himself the same problems, which are engaged in the most intelligent philosophers. Every question must be answered, though it is difficult and requires patience. But when the child grows up, you need to push him to make his own decisions.
  3. Deny your child a joint action. A kid takes your help, and what does he usually hear? “Getaway, you will break”, “Don’t interfere, you will hurt yourself”. He is offered only the role of a servant: fetch, pick up, hold. And such work is boring; there is no discovery in it. Let a child learn something with you, not in the second role, but together. After all, only in this way, “from hand to hand” experience is transmitted.

Summing Up

All parents want their children to be happy, regardless of the degree of genius.

You can in every way contribute to the development of your favorite child, but do not despair because the child did not invent the perpetual motion machine. Be happy with what your children already have, developing their inherent natural talents to the best of their abilities. The main thing is to help your child believe in his strengths and support him.


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