How Kids and Teens can start a Blog for Free and Earn Money While Having Fun

The Fair Labor Standards Act of the US stipulates 14 years as the legal working age. However, this working age comes with several riders and in some cases, employers have to acquire special permits from the Department of Labor to hire teens and kids. This often renders it difficult for kids and teens to find jobs that can help them earn money.

Problems with Jobs for Kids & Teens

Jobs for kids and teens are rife with competition. In fact, some such work, for example child models or mascot for businesses would attract countless applicants. And often, work for kids and teens is often seasonal such as school holidays and festivals. Meaning they can’t work round the year at a specific job. This reduces their earning potential drastically.

Fortunately, kids and teens can start a blog, earn money and have fun at the same time. That’s because blogging is outside the ambit of the FLSA. This means, kids and teens of all ages can blog and earn money without worrying about getting permits under labor laws.

If you’re a kid or teen or even parent of one and would like to ensure they earn online money in a fabulous, enjoyable way without spending money, here’re some excellent ways to do it. In fact, lots of kids and teens around the world are already earning considerable money every year as bloggers.

Blogging for Kids & Teens

The first step for kids and teens to start a free blog and earn money starts by finding the best blogsite. Wix and Blogger are two most popular portals where anyone can open a free blogsite. The other is by finding a catchy name that kids and teens would like and find easy to remember.

Once you’ve done this, here’s how kids and teens can start a blog for free and earn money while having fun.

Find What You Enjoy

Generally, blogs written by kids and teens are mostly on topics they’re passionate about. It could range from anything such as toys and games to school subjects they’re good at. To start a blog, earn money and have fun, find out what you enjoy doing the most. And how well do you know that topic. Create wonderful content that other kids of your age would love reading and upload it on your free blogsite.

Take Own Pictures

By own pictures I mean that you can shoot superb ones with a simple camera that your parents or you own. Or use the camera on a smartphone. A single picture speaks a thousand words. And pictures that’re unique find are more appreciated than the ones you would find from free resources on the Internet. Use these amazing pictures with your content. That way, you can get better rankings on Google compared over blogs that use common, free pictures.

Tell Your Story

As a kid and teen, I was very fond of stories. Especially those I could identify with. To have fun as a blogger and make money, write your own experiences and stories about various things that fit into the topic of your blog. Remember that kids and teens often try to get copy the experiences of others. When you tell your own stories, chances are that more and more readers of your age or even from a different age group would be attracted to your content.

Attract Kids & Teens to Your Blog

Attracting kids and teens to read your free blog is very important if you’re serious about making money. How does one do that? An excellent way to make your blog popular among other kids and teens is by posting links of your content on Facebook. As a rule, Facebook doesn’t allow users below the age of 12 to register on the social networking platform. Therefore, if you’re below 12 years of age, your parents would need to consent to opening a Facebook page while giving a guarantee that you’ll use it under their supervision. Get your Facebook friends to like and share your blogposts.

Write for Other Blogs

In digital marketing terms, writing content for other blogs is known as “guest posting.” You’re giving them the content free of cost. And in exchange, the other blogger or website will provide a hyperlink to your blog or introduce you as a blogger using the author biography system. This process helps you to popularize your blog to readers everywhere through Google. Since Google search engine works with something known as algorithms, these backlinks and author bios will help you to push your free blog to top when anyone searches for content about your topic.

Monetize Your Blog

After all, what’s the point in opening a blog if you can’t make some money from it? There’re three superb ways to make money from your free blog and have fun. The first is by subscribing to the free service known as Google AdSense. This means, you’re allowing Google to display ads on your blogsite. The second is affiliate marketing. That is selling stuff for major online stores such as Amazon and Walmart or eBay among others. You might need the help of your Mom or Dad to sign up as affiliate marketer on your behalf, depending on your age. And the third way is by accepting sponsored content. This means, you’ll be uploading content that comes from a company or organization, which will pay you to upload  it on your blogsite.

In Conclusion

Starting a free blog is indeed fun and does fetch you a lot of money. You can easily learn how to open a free blog by reading online tutorials or watching YouTube videos. All you require to start a wonderful blog is superb writing skills and the will to spend some time daily on making it popular. And once you get a bit famous, create own merchandise such as mugs, caps, T-shirts and other stuff to sell through your blog. In some cases, you would require help from your parents, if you’re too young.


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