How to Plan a Surprise Birthday Party for Your Child

Birthdays are one of the best ways to create memories for your children as it is one of the most important days in one’s life. This is a day your child spends with friends and family, developing good social skills. Planning a surprise birthday for your child is easy in this era as planning can be done online without having to move around. In this article, you will find ways to plan a surprise birthday for your child.

● Order a Cake Online

While selecting a cake theme, it is essential to consider your child`s favorite cartoon, activity, or toy and ensure that the cake comes in the piece. Children are known to like cake, but modifying its shape into something they like is set to give them more pleasure and excitement. This makes them feel special and understands that the day is theirs to celebrate. The best part about ordering a cake is that you do not have to call the bakery and can place the order via a text, avoiding the risk of being overheard by someone ruining the surprise.

● Plan the Event

Planning a birthday can be hectic for you as an individual as there is so much to be done. This includes choosing a suitable venue, planning the layout of the place so that it can accommodate child play while being safe, and other guests. If you live in Los Angeles, you can consider bringing in professionals who are specialized in event staffing Los Angeles to come set up and help cater your event. If not, worry not, as multiple agencies offer the same services globally. These agencies come in handy as they understand that how an event is organized affects how it turns out hence putting their best foot forward to make your event a success.

● Send Invitations Online

As you are not trying to let your kid bump into you while writing invitation cards, online invitations are the best option. While sending the invites out, ensure you inform the recipients that the party is a surprise, preventing outsiders from ruining the surprise. Some people may not do it intentionally but find themselves slipping by asking their children what age they will be turning or what kind of gift they would like.

It is also important to state whether the gifts are to carry gifts to the events or not to avoid confusion or guests feeling embarrassed for not coming with gifts while other people brought something.

● Order Food and Refreshments

Here, you select some of your child`s favorites while also having all other guests in mind. You can inquire about people`s allergies on the invitations to have food that can accommodate everyone. While doing this, you make your guests feel safe and cared for; hence come to the event while feeling like they belong. As for the drinks, having non-alcoholic beverages is advisable.

● Games and Entertainment

Keeping kids happy at an event is the most crucial part you should not overlook. Hiring entertainers like clowns, magicians, face painters, or a band may help you a long way. This ensures that the kids do not get bored throughout the event.

Also, incorporating games like hitting a pinata, Bingo, Limbo, or even having bouncing castles ensures that the energy rash from all the sweet foods is used to the maximum as the kids play together. As a parent, this also gives you time to catch up with other parents as you analyze the development of your children.

How to Ensure the Secret is Not Spilled

The best way to ensure that your child does not discover the surprise is by:

  • Not pretending to have forgotten about their birthday. Besides having a bad mood, it may also make your child suspect you as parents do generally not forget about their children’s birthday. Ensure you let your child know that you still remember their day but just tell them the event will be celebrated by family only.
  • If you share your laptop or phone with your child, ensure you delete your history before handing the device over to them to avoid them bumping into the information.
  • If you plan to have the event at home, you can ask your guests to park a mile away or somewhere where it won’t be evident to your kid that you have some guests.


Surprise parties are good, but also consider the personality of your child before planning a party as extroverted kids do not mind being in the presence of a crowd which might be different if your kid is introverted.


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