How to Choose the Right Dress for Figure Skating

Figure skating is one of the most popular ice-based sports in the world. Couples may sometimes compete for skating sets, while groups or individuals may occasionally partake. The right costumes also need to be chosen for the choreography to work.

Everything needs to work together for the participants to have the best chance of winning the event. The costume or attire will need to match the dance theme and should reflect the skater’s personality.

The dress must flow nicely to allow the skater to skate unencumbered. It must also not be too revealing or too distracting, as, ultimately, the skater’s performance matters most.

In other words, the dress needs to complement the skater and not override their actual performance in any meaningful way. Here, our focus will be on choosing the right dress for figure skating.

What Should Figure Skaters Wear?

The costume that is chosen should gel well with the music that is selected for the dance. The makeup and clothing also need to be modest and appropriate for the skating competition.

The skater must be dignified, as figure skating is known for its class and elegant nature. There should be no nudity or revealing clothing worn during a figure skating competition.

Most figure skating dresses are made of acrylic or spandex. The fabrics tend to be soft and comfortable to prevent skin irritation and chafing.

The dress must not cause the skater to sweat excessively. It must not restrict the arabesque movements of the skater and allow them to move and contort their body as needed to pull off axles, triple axles, and quads with minimal effort.

Velvet, georgette, and chiffon are just some materials that can be added to a figure skater’s dress to make it even more beautiful. You do not want to wear clothing that is mediocre or derivative.

It should reflect who you are as a person and skater. It should be unique and help tell the story you wish to convey to the spectators in the stands.

The Importance of Clothing in Figure Skating

There are many brands and designs to choose from when selecting a dress for the big event. You want to stand out amongst many competitors, so you should choose the quintessential competition outfit.

The worn skating gear should also help you perform optimally. If the equipment you wear hinders your ability to stretch while performing, it should be replaced with superior gear.

Wearing stretchable and breathable material will allow you to skate with a maximum range of motion, perform comfortably and reduce the risk of injury.

What to Look For When Purchasing a Figure Skating Dress

Before shopping around for the ideal dress, you need to consider multiple factors. The goal is to find the perfect dress for your next event and get the most bang for your buck.

The first thing to focus on is the purpose of the skating dress. Are you planning on buying the dress for a special event, for practice, or testing purposes? You also need to focus on the background.

How will the background colour contrast with your dress? The colour chosen should also complement the whiteness of the ice. It is not recommended to choose a white dress if you intend to wear it to a competitive event, as it will not help you stand out and capture attention.

However, if you need a dress for practice, things like colour don’t matter. Instead, you need to focus on durability, as you will be wearing the dress for many practice skates. Heavy dress lining and material leotards can help protect you if you fall on the ice.

Avoid flimsy materials, as they tend to wear and tear easier than high-quality materials. Comfort is also important, as you do not want to wear an uncomfortable dress that will frustrate and irritate you while you train.

The brand also matters. Certain brands may offer a greater range of colours and designs, helping you choose the absolute best dress for your routine. They may also provide many suitable materials that will help boost durability to protect you while you skate.

The dress also needs to fit you like a glove. It must perfectly match the unique contours of your body. While uniqueness, design, and colour are important, they will be moot if the dress doesn’t fit you.

An ill-fitted dress may affect the efficiency of your training. It may also cause you to lose your next competition. Your budget also matters. If you are on a tight budget, you may need to shop around to find a dress that fits your budget.

You can wait for a sale to get the best value for your hard-earned dollar. Before shopping around for the perfect skating attire, there are many things to consider, from the type of dress and event to material quality and shape.

Skate’s Up

Skater fashion combines both pragmatism and aesthetics into a perfect artistic duo. You need to find a dress that allows you to express who you are as an individual while also maximizing your range of motion and flexibility to help you perform better.

The dress should reflect your unique style to help you stand out, as competition will likely be fierce. It is best to take the time to find the perfect dress for you to help you win your next event.


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