Key Points To Remember While Buying Kids Jewellery As A Gift

Jewellery has been a part of the Indian tradition for ages. Grandparents passing on their ancestral jewellery to their kids and grandchildren is not uncommon in India. It is widely believed that jewellery symbolises wealth, power, and status. For kids, it is more about expressing their personality and preferences.

As soon as a child is born, the tradition of gifting jewellery starts for each milestone. At some point in life, you must have been confused as to what to gift a kid? Or how big an ornament has to be, or will a particular piece of jewellery suit the kid? Thus, let us help you end this confusion by throwing some light on what to gift a child and how to select age-appropriate jewellery for kids.

How to select jewellery as a gift for kids?

  • Age-specific: For a newborn baby, you can opt for gold or silver jewellery as they are safe metals. A waistband, nazariya bracelet or anklet would be perfect gifts for an infant. Avoid gifting chains to infants as they may cause harm, as small kids tend to move their hands and legs a lot. Once the kids are old enough to understand the use of jewellery, you can gift them rings, chains, or bracelets. For a young child, jewellery made up of delicate designs, charms, or hanging motifs is quite fascinating.
  • Gender-specific: For girls, you can select a gold necklace, bracelets, earrings, nose rings or anklets. For boys, an appropriate gift would be gold chains, lapel pins, kurta buttons or rings. For a gender-neutral gift, opt for nazariya bracelets that are ideal for both genders.
  • According to size: For infants and toddlers, the jewellery size should be neither too tight (it may harm them) nor too loose (which might come off easily). Select the exact size for enhanced comfort. Always add extra loops at the securing end, so that the jewellery can be easily adjusted once the child grows up.
  • Safety of the kid: Jewellery is made from various metals. Always check which material suits your kid before buying the jewellery. Generally, gold, white gold and silver are the safest. Whereas, jewellery with mixed metals (especially lead) might cause allergies or rashes.
  • Comfort: A kid needs to feel comfortable when wearing any ornament be it a ring, earring, bracelet or chain. A small or extra big size might cause discomfort and the kid might completely stop wearing any jewellery.
  • Preference of kid: Young children can have their own preferences when it comes to buying jewellery. So, always consider their choices. If a kid likes wearing a ring and you gift them a bracelet, they might be reluctant to wear it. Thus, it is always safe to take the kid along. This provides them with an opportunity to select the type and design of the jewellery that they like.
  • Budget-friendly: The kids grow up fast. Certain jewellery might not fit them after a few years. So try and invest wisely when buying kids’ jewellery.

What jewellery items are ideal for kids?

  • Chain: A small gold or silver chain of around 14 to 16 inches is an excellent choice for kids. You can also pair the chain with a customised name pendant or a charm pendant, depending on their age.
  • Rings: Gold rings are a top choice when it comes to kid’s jewellery. While buying rings as a gift, it is best to opt for adjustable rings as kids can outgrow their previous ring size in no time. Avoid gifting a ring to infants or toddlers as there is a risk of choking.
  • Bracelets: Bracelets are suitable for both girls and boys. They come in a variety of designs and patterns, so you have a broad range to choose from. Also, nazariya bracelets, while ideal for newborn kids, are now an increasingly popular gift item for older children too.
  • Anklets: An anklet for a newborn is a fascinating gift that can keep an infant engaged while moving their limbs around. It is also one of the few pieces of jewellery that are out of the reach of the kid. This prevents the kid from pulling on the jewellery and hurting him/herself.
  • Waistbands: A simple waistband for a newborn baby is a traditional gift that is highly popular. It can be in plain gold or silver as per your choice.
  • Earrings: For infants or toddlers, a small stud earring can be a good gift. Just ensure the securing end of the earring is blunt enough, so it doesn’t hurt the child.


When it comes to buying jewellery for kids, the options are endless. Always ensure to choose the best quality jewellery which is safe and long-lasting. You also have the option of customisation, which can make any piece of jewellery more special and worth it.


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