How To Make Learning English Fun For Your Students?

Whether learning the new language or teaching it to students, it is no walk in the park. Therefore, teachers use different strategies to make English learning fun for children. So, you can imagine how nervous a child gets when learning a new topic or basics of the English language at early stages. However, this blog came up with some exciting ideas to help make English learning more fun for your students or children if you are a parent.

Therefore, we see children now acquiring knowledge at a fast pace. Online tutoring platforms use many creative English activities for students to keep their interests.

Instilling a little creativity into English learning could help. So, whether you are a tutor or a parent assisting children in learning English, you should keep your child engaged. However, it is only viable when you are known to have some exciting learning ideas for English.

So, answering the questionof how to make learning English fun, we have gathered some valuable tips for you.

Top 5 Useful Tips To Make English Learning Fun!

Most parents ask how to make English fun while helping children with homework or learning new topics. So, it is undoubtedly the most crucial factor when a child starts learning basics or even advanced lessons. Therefore, you will be learning some effective strategies to help yourself through this critical phase.

Talk To Your Students To Know Them

Getting to know your child or students should be your first step to making learning fun. So, how can you do this? You can ask questions on a personal level so they can feel comfortable before starting their learning process. Moreover, you need to know their hobbies and what subject areas they are comfortable with. So, this is possible only when you ask them to tell, and it will set a foundation for fruitful learning.

It enables you to personalise their English lessons after knowing their strengths and weaknesses.

  • Setting the learning goals according to their needs will encourage children, making the process easier for both parties. So, decide what you aim to achieve beforehand.
  • Another important thing that you must cater to is relating English lessons to your students. The more you give real-life examples from their surroundings, the more it excites the children. For instance, if the child likes traveling, make sure your lessons cover traveling related examples. It improves the vocabulary related to traveling. However, you can role-play to make learning more exciting for them.

Make Use of Online Resources

With the intervention of online learning resources, teaching has also improved. There is less effort on the teaching side when using online English resources. So, we suggest you make good use of online resources to makeEnglish learning fun for students. You will find different advanced platforms, including BBC Bitesize, Adnan Khan Tutoring and Kumon, that understand the assignment and provide the best solutions to your problems.

Moreover, your child will be solving online practice tests and interesting English quizzes with many exciting English activities for primary school and secondary school levels. At this point, all you need is to find the platform that meets your requirements and provides everything you ought to have for perfect English learning.

Promote Story-telling and Reading

Encourage your child or student to read out aloud the stories to others. They can read and tell stories in family gatherings or among peers as a classroom activity. It improves the vocabulary and reading skills of the child. Therefore, experts suggest promoting story-telling and reading books. On the other hand, parents can read bedtime stories or provide children with books or comics according to their interests. For instance, if your child likes football, you can buy them books related to football with the stories of the greatest players of all time.

It keeps the delight in learning English and is a fun way to learn English grammar. They read grammatically correct and well-written stories or books.

English Learning Songs

Learning through music is one of the most preferred strategies in education. It lights up the mood and excites children to keep on learning. Therefore, we see many educational YouTube channels making different English learning videos, covering spelling, tenses, grammar, punctuation, sounds and many other topics. All these videos explain the specific topics with music and upbeat rhyming. However, you can search for the topics you want your child to learn on YouTube with the proper keywords to find the best results.

It is one of the most exciting and attractive ways to keep your child interested in learning English. Moreover, you will find many learning mobile games on google play that lets children play and learn simultaneously.

Play Games and Reward Children

Teachers who wish to know how to make online English classes interesting must include games in the sessions. It promotes healthy competition among children. They try their best to win. As a result, they learn and grow as a confident learner. However, you can set rewards for winners to make it more enjoyable. Knowing they will get rewarded for their efforts, children tend to perform much better. Parents can also carry out this exercise at home and create their own games tailored to the specific learning goals.

For example, if you wish to improve your child’s punctuation, you can play a game identifying the mistakes in sentences. Moreover, you will be able to correct their mistakes on the spot. If they successfully identify and correct mistakes, you can reward them with their favorite toys and eateries. This will definitely make English learning fun.

If we look at online learning, especially online English tuition in Manchester, London and the other big cities, they have done some pretty extraordinary work to make learning more exciting for children.


Whether you’re looking for how to make English fun for high school children or any age group, these tips would be beneficial for sure. Learning sometimes gets tricky, and it is even more difficult to teach somebody else, transferring the knowledge to another mind. So, knowing the needs of individuals, you can ideally teach them all crucial English lessons.


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