What is a 2 in 1 Balance Bike?

These types of balance bikes are going to give you as a parent much more versatility to control the learning process that your child is going through. For the most part, these types of bikes are adjustable in the sense that they can be raised to fit children as they start to get older. So you can get more out of the bike. Of course, the feature is that these types of bikes can essentially go from a trike to a balance bike. That’s another variable that as a parent you’re going to be able to control.

You can start your kids out on the trike version. In some 2 in 1 bikes, it’s really one big back tire. This is going to help kids who naturally may have a bit more trouble with the balancing aspect. By the way, our congratulations to parents who are looking into balance bikes Australia-based manufacturers build. Again, for those kids who have some balancing issues, these can be a game-changer.

Get More Out Of The Bike

Let’s say that your kid is a quick learner. What’s going to happen when they master the balance bike in a couple of weeks and want to move on to something more interesting? Of course, if that happens you as the parent have to make the call as to when you want your kids to take the next step. One of the knocks though that people hand on balance bikes is that kids could grow out of them easily. If you can allow your kids to take that next step in their learning process on the same bike you’re saving some money first of all. The second thing that you’re doing is allowing them to take that next step in familiar surroundings.    

This last issue is crucial. What tends to happen is that you’re forced to ditch the first bike that they are comfortable with. The process of adapting to a new potentially larger bike can be a challenge for some kids. If it doesn’t go well they may decide that they don’t want to ride anymore. Being able to adjust the bike to have them start peddling can make the transition much smoother.

Easy To Adjust

One of the things that you’ll typically want out of any of the balance bikes for kids that you choose is that the bike is easy to adjust. Obviously, getting a bike that you can adapt to your naturally growing child is ideal. Balance bikes Australia manufacturers tend to offer this freedom of adjustment. As we mentioned before this brings two major benefits to the table.

With a 2 in 1 balance bike, you can choose when to move your kid to the next step in the learning process. Also, if you can adjust it a bit to make sure that your kid can continue to fit even after extended usage time that also brings plenty of benefits. They’ll be able to continue their learning process. You as their parent won’t necessarily have to break the bank again to make that happen.    Also read: Can My Child Ride An Ebike?


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