Is Paraphrasing Tool Effective In Removing Plagiarism From Your Assignments?

Plagiarism is one of the most common issues in modern-day writing especially in Academic Career. With so much online content available, students are always at risk of producing plagiarized content. Producing plagiarized content is a shame like no other for any student. Nowadays there is a new type of plagiarism called AI plagiarism, where AI generated content are considered as plagiarized content.

Writing Long Assignments is a tiring process. Every writer goes through a burnout phase where creativity just dies, at such moments you cannot force your mind to think. That’s when most students produce copied content.

At times, the plagiarism can be unintentional as well.  There are billions of web pages available with similar topics. Therefore, unknowingly the content gets similar, which eventually increases the plagiarism ratio of the content.

However, there is one simple solution to this problem: The paraphrasing Tool. This is an AI-based tool that does the job of writing plagiarism-free content for you. You don’t need to manually proofread your text again after utilizing it.

It finds the synonyms of the terms, cites the contest, and eventually, improves the literary quality and appeal of your written manuscript. All of that with help of only one tool.

If you don’t know anything about paraphrasing tools, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to give a complete description of how a paraphrasing tool works. All you need to do is to pay attention and follow the guidelines which will be provided in this article.

So, let’s start with the definition first.

What is a Paraphrasing tool?

A paraphrasing tool is an online tool designed to make the process of rewriting a piece of content simpler, easier, and faster for you. The tool uses AI-based algorithms to perform this action.

How paraphrasing tool is used to remove plagiarism from the content?

This is the most important point of this article; we are going to stepwise guide you regarding the usage of a paraphrasing tool here.

Here is how you can use paraphrasing tool to produce plagiarism-free content.

Step 1: Firsthand Information

The fundamental thing you need to understand is that paraphrasing tools cannot produce firsthand content. It is only a tool that rewrites the text which is fed to it.

So, to use this tool, the first requirement is the initial text that you want to be rewritten.

Step 2: Copying the Text on Paraphrasing Tool

The next step is to copy the available text from your source and paste it onto the rephrasing tool.

The rephrase tool also provides the option of browsing the source file from your PC. You can use any of these methods as per your choice and requirement.

Step 3: Word Count

While copying the text on the paraphrasing tool, make sure you know the words limit of the paraphrasing tool. The tool will not work if you paste a word count greater than its limit.

In case the number of words is greater than the word count, you need to split your data and paste it into two stages. So that the tool can recognize the text and then rephrase it.

Step 4: Click the Rephrase Option

When you have pasted the text in the required format within the word limit of the paraphrasing tool, just click the rephrase option. The tool would start to rephrase.

The time taken to rephrase will depend on the number of words you have pasted and the browser you are using. It usually takes just a few seconds to rephrase your content.

The rephrased data will be unique with absolutely no plagiarism. The tool also does contextual and structural changes in your content to grab the attention of the audience.

Now you can use this text. Publish it anywhere you want without any worry of plagiarism.

Once you have learned these 4 simple steps, you can use this tool to write unique at your will. After all, it is always good to make things easier for yourself.

Example of how the tools removes Plagiarism

We copied some content from a website and check its plagiarism, here are the results:

It shows, 75% of the content is plagiarized.

Now, we used an Online Paraphrasing Tool to paraphrase the same text.

After paraphrasing, the meaning of the original was same but the sentence structure along with some words was changed. It completely removes the plagiarism and make it 100% unique.

Here are the final result through the same Plagiarism checker:

Three other Advantages of using a Paraphrasing Tool

Usage of a paraphraser is beneficial in various ways. Courtesy of this paraphrasing tool, content creation has become faster, quicker, and more versatile. That is why Creators from all over the world are using these tools.

Here are some key advantages of utilizing a free paraphrasing tool.

1. Plagiarism Removal

The biggest advantage of using this tool is the removal of plagiarism. These tools can be utilized to produce your written data in a unique way that will not be caught by any plagiarism checker.

If you have written content with a high degree of plagiarism, all you need to do is just pass it through this tool and you will get 100% Unique content.

2. Quality Content

The paraphrasing tool doesn’t just rewrite your content, it also improves the quality of your content. By altering sentence structure, it makes your content engaging and powerful.

It produces the type of content which grabs the attention of the audience.

3. Rapid Content Creation

Since it is an automated system. It can produce unique content more rapidly than any manual system. Whenever you need to write more in a lesser amount of time, The paraphrasing tool should be your go-to tool.

Final Remarks

Manual plagiarism removal has various downsides. It is time-consuming, can drain all your energy, and even then, it is not 100% accurate. There will always be a chance of human error.

Since more and more people are coming into the content marketing field, it is going to get harder to produce unique content. The plagiarism-free content which helps in the ranking of your content will be extremely difficult to write.

The paraphrasing tool does it quicker in an error-free manner. It saves our time and energy while making our content more powerful.

The faster your content creation, the greater is the chance to leave others behind in the race of rankings and content creation. So, whenever you are doing a content rewriting or paraphrasing task, take a wise decision and use a paraphrasing tool to write plagiarism-free content.


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