How Should a Child’s Room Be Set Out in Terms of Vastu?

How can you help your child get the best, without much headache? Here are some Vastu tips for your child’s room.

Children need to feel connected to their families and homes while growing up. However, they can still use personal space. A space for them that is warm, loving, full of good energy, and conducive to pleasant dreams. A kid’s room must be exalted with healthy and prosperous surroundings because it is where your kid spends most of their time.

As a responsible parent, you do everything for your child, like feeding, caring for their health, buying them things, and protecting them from negative people. However, it would help if you also protected them from negative energy. Therefore, make sure to use Vastu in your child’s bedroom to foster positive thoughts in your child’s mind while setting up their bedroom. Vastu in your child’s bedroom, you promise them good health and happiness. This way, you will give your child a healthy bedroom atmosphere.

7 Kid’s Bedroom Tips According to Vastu

Nowadays, every house is built according to Vastu shastra to attract good energy. If we talk about Vastu Shastra, you can trust all the new Projects In Vikhroli because every builders and developers believe in Vastu and use it everywhere. They provide houses and apartments with an atmosphere where you and your kids can live happily under good energy.

There are a few Vastu suggestions for kids’ bedrooms; with these suggestions, you may feel confident about your child’s good health and innovative thinking while helping to promote positive energy in their room.

1. West is the Ideal Direction

The best direction for children’s room is West. Vastu says having a child’s bedroom in the southwest is considered lucky.

According to Vastu, children should sleep with their heads in the east or south direction for a restful and good night’s sleep.

2. East-Facing Doors

The door should be east facing as it will enhance good vibes and happiness. Vastu advises that you should not hang any notices or placards on doors because they attract unfavourable energy. Apart from that, the doors should open counterclockwise.

3. No Mirror or Door in Front of the Bed

The kid’s bed should not be in front of any doors, windows or mirrors. According to Vastu, your child will face a lack of sleep if there is a mirror in front of a bed. Mirrors create illusions and are known to bring negativity, thus interrupting sleep.

4. The Bed Should Be in the West

The bed should face the southwest direction. However, you can also position the bed so it faces west to bring luck, success, and good health.

Additionally, only keep wooden beds with no metal frames. You should avoid using the bed with metal frames because it allows unfavourable energy to enter the air.

5. Study Table in the West Corner

According to Vastu Shastra, the study table in a child’s room should be kept in the West or southwest direction. It helps your child to focus on their studies and gives them peace of mind.

6. Bookshelf in North-East

Vastu Shastra advises keeping the bookcase in the northeast. It would help if you did not put the books on the study table because your child can feel extra pressure because of those books. Therefore, always keep readers on the bookshelves. Additionally, use wood shelves rather than metal because metal attracts negative energy.

7. Don’t Let Them Sleep Under Direct Beam

Vastu Shastra guidelines say children shouldn’t sleep near windows or built-in wardrobes because this could make kids feel anxious and under pressure. This way, they will not be able to sleep properly.

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Vastu Approved Colours for Kids’ Rooms

Below is a list of colours approved by Vastu shastra for the kids’ room that will give your child a good and happy bedroom atmosphere.


Red is a striking and opulent colour that exudes strong vitality and creates a visual impact. Red is a captivating colour for children’s rooms that counterbalances chilly tones.


Sunlight and sunflower colours bring joy and enthusiasm. It inspires children and enhances their focus.

Natural Green

Natural green is a colour that has a calming impact on kids. Their eyes, body, and mind all benefit from this colour, symbolising vegetation.


Blue is a colour that symbolises calmness and focus and is the perfect colour for your child’s bedroom.

Royal Purple

Royal purple is linked to creativity and is the perfect colour for children’s bedrooms. This colour is intended to influence your child’s behaviour positively and symbolises confidence and ambition.


For every parent positive growth and development of their kids matter a lot. But sometimes ignoring Vastu compliance can bring undesirable effects and could influence a child’s behaviour and mental health. Therefore, it is crucial to construct your child’s bedroom per the principles of Vastu Shastra. It will give them good physical and psychological health. Apart from that, they will always stay cheerful.


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