Should You Homeschool Your Child And Is It Helpful

During these pandemic times, most parents are uncertain about their child’s academic progress as everything has gone online. Schools themselves are struggling to decide whether they should continue online classes or start physical schooling.

This is why many parents are opting for homeschooling. Many countries have seen a rise in homeschooling amidst the pandemic times, and it is only natural that other parents will slowly shift towards it as well until schools finally open.

Before you jump in and start homeschooling your child, let us take a look at what homeschooling is.

What Is Homeschooling?

Homeschooling does not mean the present education method where you do online classes from home. Because even if a child is taking classes from home, they are technically conducted by a school. So many people might get confused if this is homeschooling, but it is not.

Homeschooling means when you withdraw your child from school or any other educational institution he is affiliated to, and teach your child at home, by yourself. There are several types of homeschooling, and you can choose any one of them for your child.

There is “Umbrella” homeschooling where your schooling is monitored by a private school. Then“Pods” is another system, where a few kids of the neighborhood gather and are taught by a tutor or a parent.

You can select any of the homeschooling systems that suit your lifestyle and preference.

The Benefits Of Homeschooling

Many people are unaware, but homeschooling has quite a few benefits. First, the parents can teach their students at their own pace. A parent knows the capacity of their child the best.

Schools go through their own rules and expect every child to keep up with them, without paying attention to the ability of the child. But for homeschooling, that will not be an issue. For instance, you can personally choose a kindergarten homeschool curriculum that is perfect for your child’s growth.

Second, schools will not always teach your children about mental growth and emotional behavior. But if he is homeschooled, then as a parent you can teach your child these subjects perfectly.

Last, there is academic flexibility. Your child might be good at one particular subject, while not understanding others very well. In a school, he would be forcefully taught all subjects.

In homeschooling, a parent can understand their child’s capacity and make a flexible academic schedule based on that.

Should You Homeschool Your Child?

The family and the environment are very important for homeschooling. So it is necessary to check the condition of your family if you want to homeschool your child.

You need to partake in the role of both a parent and a teacher. And be able to properly educate your child, spend quality time with them, give them tests, grade those tests and ensure the proper growth of your child. You should decide whether you have enough time to carry out these responsibilities. In case you hold a day job, it might not be for you.

You need to understand that your child will grow up in a home environment, so he may not be able to understand how to socialize properly.

If your family is large enough so that he can interact not only with you but other members as well, then this will not be an issue.

You need to let your child take part in sports outside as well. Since some states do not allow homeschooled children to participate in their sports events. So take your child out and let him enjoy sports with other kids.

Be up to date with technology. Many schools and colleges are well-equipped with the latest technology and resources. So if you want your homeschooled child to be as technologically advanced as the other school-going child, you need to have access to these advanced technologies.

If you do not have those facilities, then it is better to send your child to an in-person school.

How Can I Legally Start Homeschooling

Now that you have decided to homeschool your child, you need to take legal steps so that your homeschooling is recognized by the state and the government.

1. The Laws Of Your Country

You need to know the laws of your country about homeschooling. Several countries legalize homeschooling, but some regulations need to be followed.

2. Withdraw Your Child From A Physical School

After you have understood the laws regarding homeschooling, the next thing to do is to withdraw your child if he or she is in any school.

3. Get Legal Support

To get your homeschooling recognized, you need to get legal support. Ask others who have also been homeschooling their child on how to legalize your home school.

Generally, you need to select a homeschooling system and develop a curriculum for a school to monitor your homeschooling.

How To Prepare My Child For Homeschooling

This is the most important part of homeschooling. You need to mentally prepare your child about them getting homeschooled. The following methods will help-

1. Guide Your Child

Your child normally expects to go to school as they grow up. So if you want to homeschool them, first, get them familiarized with the term homeschool. An interactive sermon journal will help engage your kids, which provides an excellent way to take and organize their notes during sermons.

Tell them about all the benefits they will get by being homeschooled.

2. Let Them Mix With Other Children Who Are Homeschooled

Your child will be able to accept homeschooling better if they mix with other children who are also homeschooled.

So get in touch with any homeschooling community. This way you will be able to gain more experience about homeschooling from experienced parents and tutors.

3. Follow A Teaching Method

Your child will not be interested in homeschooling if you do not follow any teaching method. Classic, Charlotte Mason, Unit Study Method, you can choose any one of these teaching methods.

Final Thoughts

During these pandemic times, where almost all schools in every country are struggling to continue their education system, it is a great choice to withdraw your child from schools and start homeschooling.


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